• 7 Chakra Beeswax Intention Candles

    to heal and align

    Are you feeling off balance? Bring your energy centers into alignment with my 7 Chakra Beeswax Intention Candles! These candles align with the seven main chakras: Muladhara (Root), Svadhisthana (Sacral), Manipura (Solar Plexus), Anahata (Heart), Vishuddha (Throat), Ajna (Third Eye), and Sahasrara (Crown). Each candle...
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  • Magical Mastery FREE Tutorial: Ages of Chakra Development

    Call on powerful energetic alignment in your daily life with this Magical Mastery FREE Tutorial: Ages of Chakra Development! Join me for a potent healing session for the SG community of all ages. We’ll work on the flow and alignment amongst your main chakras —...
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  • Tumbled Angel Aura Amazonite: Small

    for healing speech

    Need help finding the right words? Speak with truth, ease, and heartfelt clarity with this Tumbled Angel Aura Amazonite! Amazonite radiates such sweet, freeing energy. Its magic opens up the Throat Chakra, heals communication patterns, and soothes emotional trauma. Angel aura amazonite is created when...
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  • ​​Lemurian Blue Calcite Peaceful Palm Stone

    for tranquility

    Dive into a realm of deep tranquility and emotional healing with this ​​Lemurian Blue Calcite Peaceful Palm Stone. This palm stone is carved from gorgeous, B-grade Lemurian blue calcite. Lemurian blue calcite is a magical gem that brings happiness, peace, and past-life wisdom. It’s one...
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  • Ocean Jasper Sphere and Perfume Happiness Duo

    If you’ve been feeling stressed or weighed down, then this Ocean Jasper Sphere and Gaudium Perfume Happiness Duo is the perfect offering to infuse your life with joy and give you a real boost of positivity! Ocean jasper is a favorite among many of my...
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  • Wooden Crescent Moon Chakra Sphere Stand

    Harness lunar magic and awaken your chakras with this custom-made Wooden Crescent Moon Chakra Sphere Stand. This beautiful sphere stand is made from mango wood and features a symbol for each chakra and a divot for seven different spheres — making it a stunning altarpiece....
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  • Blue, Pink, and Yellow Aura Selenite Wand

    for color magic

    This Blue, Pink, and Yellow Aura Selenite Wand isn’t just gorgeous — it’s a potent talisman of lunar wisdom and color magic! Selenite, in general, is a peaceful Crown Chakra stone that radiates pure white light and Divine Feminine energy. This gem brings clarity and...
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  • Find Your Purpose Teal Fluorite Heart

    for soul pathing

    I believe everyone has a divine life path - and if you’re searching for yours, this Find Your Purpose Teal Fluorite Heart is here to help. The stone for this piece was sourced from China. This is our first time offering teal fluorite in a...
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  • Double Terminated Compassion Stone Wand

    for healing

    Invite emotional healing with this custom Double Terminated Compassion Stone Wand. When I discovered this stone, I ordered two pieces for my Quan Yin altar, but this incredible crystal is difficult to find. After months of searching worldwide, my team found it from a copper...
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  • Intuitively Chosen Tumbled Mixed Tourmaline

    for protection

    Which mixed tourmaline is meant for you? Find out with this Intuitively Chosen Tumbled Mixed Tourmaline! With this offering, you’ll receive a unique gem sourced from Pakistan that will be made up of one or more of the following: Green tourmaline, pink tourmaline, blue tourmaline,...
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  • Heal Your Relationships Blue Hemimorphite Sphere

    Encourage open communication with those closest to you with this custom Heal Your Relationships Blue Hemimorphite Sphere. This gem is super rare — I can never find much of it, so don’t hesitate! Blue hemimorphite brings overall well-being, soothing and balancing the emotional body. It...
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  • Blue Apatite, Amazonite, and Angelite Bonded Throat Chakra Sphere

    Do you feel connected to your inner truth? Are you able to express your wisdom clearly and openly? If you could use a little support in the communication realm, this Blue Apatite, Amazonite, and Angelite Bonded Throat Chakra Sphere is for you. This sphere was...
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