• Tumbled Brandberg Amethyst

    for Source connection

    Connect deeply with Source and achieve spiritual realignment with this gorgeous Tumbled Brandberg Amethyst. Brandberg amethyst is incredibly special and rare, only found in one single place on Earth – the Brandberg area of Namibia, Africa. This mountainous area is the highest point in Namibia...
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  • Surviving Mercury Retrograde Sphere

    for divine guidance

    Open yourself to the divine guidance you need to navigate Mercury Retrograde with ease and grace with this stunning Surviving Mercury Retrograde Sphere, custom-made just for Sage Goddess in India. This sphere is a stunning fusion of amethyst, howlite, and lepidolite. Amethyst is all about...
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  • Faceted Angel Aura Quartz Channeling Stone

    for ascension

    If you’ve been looking for a crystal ally that will heighten your psychic sensitivity to messages from higher realms, then this Faceted Angel Aura Quartz Channeling Stone is for you. This gorgeous piece was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from...
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  • Titanium Aura Selenite Rainbow Wand

    for alignment

    Call in the magic of energetic clearing, alignment, and spiritual strength with this Titanium Aura Selenite Rainbow Wand! This piece features selenite bonded with titanium aura, for a beautiful display of rich colors and chakra magic. On its own, selenite is a Crown Chakra stone...
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  • Natural Bahia Amethyst

    for connecting with Source

    Are you looking for a deeper connection with Source for a helping hand integrating higher wisdom? Then this exquisite Natural Bahia Amethyst is the perfect partner for you. This beautiful color-rich gem was sourced from Bahia, Brazil and radiates pure Crown Chakra magic. The purple...
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  • Tumbled Red Hematoid Quartz

    for strength and serenity

    If you seek greater feelings of calm, serenity, safety, and connection, this Tumbled Red Hematoid Quartz is for you. Red hematoid quartz grows with hematite, which is why you see the natural red inclusions. Hematite is the most grounding stone on the planet and circulates...
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  • Angel Aura Quartz Yoga Goddess

    for psychic awareness

    Channel higher realm communication and psychic awareness with this Angel Aura Quartz Yoga Goddess. This beautiful offering was custom-made just for Sage Goddess, and the stone was sourced from China. Angel aura is a treatment of platinum, silver, and gold bonded to a gem –...
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  • Golden Lemurian Quartz Point

    for ancient wisdom

    Connect with ancient Lemurian wisdom with this rare Golden Lemurian Quartz Point, sourced from Brazil. Each piece of golden Lemurian quartz is encoded with the Divine Feminine magic of the Lemurian civilization – a spiritually advanced matriarchal culture that held a deep connection to the...
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  • Divine Connection Crown Chakra Incense Burner

    Clear your space and attune to universal wisdom with this Divine Connection Crown Chakra Incense Burner from India. This incense burner is crafted from mango wood with the symbol of the Crown Chakra lovingly carved into the center. Chakras are energy centers within and surrounding...
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  • Mini Gold Aura Amethyst Cluster

    for strength in peace

    When shit’s going down, it can feel risky and vulnerable to make the conscious choice of aligning with peace, but sometimes that’s the most powerful and brave thing to do. This Mini Gold Aura Amethyst Cluster aligns the Crown and Solar Plexus Chakras to invoke...
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  • Natural Pink Lepidolite

    for emotional well-being

    Channel calm, serenity, and heart-healing with this gorgeous Natural Pink Lepidolite from Brazil. It isn’t often that I get my hands on pink lepidolite. This rare gem is lepidolite with hematite, which gives it that beautiful pink rose color. Lepidolite is a natural, crystalized form...
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  • Master Healer Super 7 Ring

    for complete alignment

    Some say super 7 doesn’t exist anymore, but keep an open mind because Gaia likes to surprise us. This Master Healer Super 7 Ring has been custom-made for Sage Goddess and the stone was sourced from a mine in India where super 7 has been...
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