• Divine Joy Angel Aura Quartz Hummingbird Pendant

    Embrace true happiness from the celestial realms with this Divine Joy Angel Aura Quartz Hummingbird Pendant! Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this offering features a stunning angel aura quartz point set horizontally beneath a .925 sterling silver hummingbird. Also included is a silver-colored metal alloy...
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  • “Colibri” Mini BeeBop

    for uplifting vibrations

    Let your spirit fly free like a hummingbird with this “Colibri” Mini BeeBop! This custom-made piece is part of our exclusive collection of engraved glass palm stones that we at Sage Goddess have come to refer to as ‘beebops.’ They’re little pops of color and...
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  • Tree of Peace Selenite Tower

    for serenity and wisdom

    Activate your Crown Chakra and channel the tranquil radiance of the higher realms with this Tree of Peace Selenite Tower! This custom-made selenite tower is wrapped with intricate metal alloy branches, with amethyst root crystals affixed to the branches. Selenite is a peaceful Crown Chakra...
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  • Agate and Angel Aura Quartz Oracle Card Holder

    for celestial wisdom

    Looking for a way to display your favorite oracle cards? This Agate and Angel Aura Quartz Oracle Card Holder is your offering! This oracle card holder was custom-made just for Sage Goddess with stones sourced from Brazil. It features a handmade agate plate with angel...
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  • Black Moonstone and Sunstone Channeling Stone

    for protection and possibility

    This Black Moonstone and Sunstone Channeling Stone is a beautiful talisman of possibility, psychic awakening, leadership, and passion! Sourced from Tanzania, this custom-made piece is a natural combination of two powerhouse gems sourced from Tanzania: Black moonstone and sunstone. Black moonstone is a new moon...
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  • Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Heart

    for clarity and focus

    Are you looking for clarity and higher wisdom? This custom-made Bismuth Wisdom Channeling Heart is perfect for the job! Bismuth is a naturally occurring metalloid on the periodic table, but it gains its rainbow of colors through a process of melting and refining. It’s a...
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  • 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point

    citrine-on-quartz with amethyst trapiche

    Are you ready for supercharged soul abundance? Experience MEGA empowerment and prosperity straight from the Divine with this 3-in-1 Spiritual Badass Point, sourced from Brazil. This gem is BRAND NEW to the crystal world — I’m so excited to be offering it in the shop!...
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  • Copal Mist

    for instant purification

    Have you been looking for a way to instantly purify the energies around you and your space without having to light a smudge bundle? My Copal Mist is BACK! It’s the ultimate go-to when you need a moment of clarity, as this spray will help...
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  • Divine Alignment Blue Kyanite and Amethyst Pendant

    Call on peaceful energies from higher realms to restore your sense of balance and stability with this Divine Alignment Blue Kyanite and Amethyst Pendant, made with stones sourced from Brazil. This stunning pendant features a natural blue kyanite and a natural amethyst suspended from a...
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  • Caregiver Gemstone Duo

    for peace and healing

    This Caregiver Gemstone Duo goes out to those who dedicate themselves to bettering the well-being of everyone around them. In honor of Nurses Week and caretakers everywhere, this gemstone duo is here to bring you the calming, loving energy you deserve — because those who...
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  • Divine Connection Double Terminated Amethyst Pendant

    Enhance your spirituality with this NEW Divine Connection Double Terminated Amethyst Pendant. This stunning offering features a double terminated amethyst point set in a golden-colored metal alloy with a black cord chain that has either a star or crescent moon-shaped trinket dangling from the end....
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  • Gel Lepidolite Blissful Heart Bracelet

    for serenity

    Go about your days with a sense of loving peace with this NEW Gel Lepidolite Blissful Heart Bracelet. Custom-made just for Sage Goddess, this bracelet features gel lepidolite beads carved into hearts, adding properties of Divine Love, compassion, and kindness. Gel lepidolite is a high-quality,...
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