POP XI – Integration

Pillars X & XI: Engaging your Intuition, Honoring your Gifts

I know you are eager to enter the 10th pillar, and for that reason I am so excited to share this lesson you’ve all worked so hard to reach. Here we honor your intuition, the sacred whisper connecting your humanity to the divine. For years, I have continuously received inquiries about how to develop personal intuition, walk your path, and find the gifts you are meant to share in this lifetime. These are big questions, but ones well worth exploring.

Our goddess archetype for this work is Pythia. Also known as the Oracle of Delphi, Pythia was a priestess who channeled prophecies from the god Apollo. She was revered for carrying his will from the heavens into the physical plane. Working in a trance state, she translated the wisdom she received and relayed it to her community. As a gifted intuitive and psychic, Pythia teaches us to trust the messages we receive through our inner knowing. Follow her example and allow the active thinking of your brain to quiet, so the wisdom of your highest self and Source may come through.

You have a divine purpose, and your soul chose your body for this lifetime to carry it out. At the heart of your journey is discovering what your gifts are, so you may fulfill the work you are meant to do. Intuition is the messenger guiding you to your path, connecting you to the spiritual plane, and supporting you along the way. Accept this support, for the work is never easy. It’s natural to be fearful at first to use your gifts or share them, as they are deeply personal to you. This feeling of gravity is, in fact, a sign of your gift. You should have a deep sense of respect for your gifts, it should feel intrinsic to your being. Trusting the Universe will hold you when you leap is critical to going where your intuition guides you. It isn’t always the most sensible path, but it is the right one.

But how do you begin to engage your intuition? How do you strengthen your connection so you may continuously receive inner guidance? This is where we work with the luminous field. The luminous field is the expansive network of energy that connects everything in the Universe. It’s the underlying force around us that holds the energy of all time. This field contains the wisdom of why each of us are here. Learning to tap into the field is fundamental to developing your intuitive gifts. Intuitive messages are most commonly experienced in three forms: clairsentience (clear feeling), clairaudience (clear hearing), and clairvoyance (clear seeing). With practice, you will understand how you naturally download this information. Here are some intuitive exercises I recommend for your own practice:

Intuitive exercises:

  1. Sensing the luminous field: Rub your hands together, generating energy between them and activating the meridians in your palms and fingers. Then, close your eyes and place your hands out in front of you, asking to connect and receive any information you need at this time. You may feel a tingling; this is your connection to the field. You can direct this connection for specific purposes. Place your hands on the ground to connect with Earth, or facing up to connect with the Divine. Face your hands towards yourself to connect with your chakras, check in with them and heal any imbalances.
  2. Clearing your perceptual screen: Your perceptual screen is the window of your vision, through which you receive information whether your eyes are open or closed. To encourage intuitive vision, close your eyes and focus on your Third Eye, the space between your brows. Keeping your eyes closed, move your eyes from left to right a few times, and then up and down. Then, gently circle your gaze around in a circle to the furthest edges of your screen, clearing as you go. Once you’ve cleared, soften your gaze to a natural space and notice the clarity of the visions now coming through.
  3. Activating your coating crown: After you have cleared your screen, , keeping your eyes closed, visualize an indigo beam of light extending from your Third Eye, straight back through your visual cortex at the base of your skull. In your mind’s eye, allow that beam of light to wrap around the right side of your skull, connecting with your visual cortex and then coming back around the left side of your skull and back into your Third Eye, forming an indigo crown of light around your head. This creates a seat for the wisdom of the luminous field to enter your energy body.
  4. Deepen messages with synesthesia: This shamanic exercise deepens intuitive downloads by activating another sense for a multidimensional message. When you begin to see an image appear in your mind’s eye, ask your brain for clarity from another sense. Ask what it tastes like, what it sounds like, or what it smells like. How does it feel in your body? This practice details your image and strengthens your reception of it.

All of these exercises will support you in strengthening your intuition, and can be used to ask Source for clarity on the nature of your soul’s gifts. Keep practicing, and you will have a deepened sense of trust in yourself and the messages you receive.


  1. What did you feel called to most as a child? What activities and work comes naturally to you? Alternately, what work that you do makes you feel heavy or drained?
  2. Describe a time when you felt connected to Universal energy. How did you facilitate this connection? What did it feel like?
  3. How would your life be different if you always followed your intuition first?