POP II – Thresholding

Pillar II: Thresholding

Our second study area in the Pillars of Priestessing is the topic of thresholding, of keeping watch over sacred entrances and exists. Cardea is our archetype here, the Roman Matron of entrances and doorways, thresholds to other worlds and interior realms. She was the keeper of the Way, and as we journey into deeper study of spaces and crossings, she becomes a powerful guide and model of how to hold those spaces with grace and ease.

Thresholding is about boundary-keeping, to a certain extent. It’s also about deciding what and where is sacred to you, and then determining who and what shall be given permission to enter those places. I’m talking about “real” places but also about your innermost sanctums. You always have the power to say yes and to say no to the entrance. And you should constantly revisit those decisions, because in every moment you are always the one who holds the key. You, your practices, and your spaces should be offered by invitation only. That kind of mindfulness about your spaces raises your vibration; it keeps you safe.

I’d like to suggest, as you continue your priestessing study and think deeply about what it means to guard thresholds in your life, that you meditate upon the following questions:

1) What areas of your life or space are most sacred to you? Where do you need to take better care of the entrances – to your heart, to your home, to your bed?

2) What totems, items, gems, herbs, flowers, or offerings need to be gathered and displayed either literally or metaphorically in these spaces, both as reminders to you and to your visitors about the sacred nature of these places?

Liminal Space: The Ultimate Threshold

The words you are about to read have been surfacing for several months and displayed to me in many ways, mirrored and echoed to me in all of the events and unfoldings around me. It is time to talk about the unspeakable space, the space in between consciousness and the next level of awareness. The space between where you are today and where you are to go. In anthropology, which is where the term “liminal space” was born, it means (limina

You feel when you have crossed the liminal threshold. You feel when you have changed. You feel when you are no longer where you used to be.

Concepts like this populate most of post-modern theory, which seeks to describe indescribable phenomena. It’s confused, it’s amorphous, and people check out. But as practitioners who are going to take this work way deeper, we must check in. No longer skimming the surface of magical work, we are drilling down into these unspoken-of spaces. We are crossing the liminal threshold and we’ll only be able to feel our way beyond here. There are no more sign posts.

Dante spoke of the liminal in his Inferno when you told the reader to abandon hope if they enter his narrative of that world. He was warning you to let go of expectation because in these other spaces, your expectations won’t hold. There is power in letting go of what to expect. No one created magic by expecting it to happen. I even think of mundane examples, like Disneyland. Walt Disney did not set out to create the Disneyland we experience. But he crossed a creative threshold and let go of paradigms to create what had never existed. Mimicry is not art, in my view. Mimicry results from in an inability (or unwillingness) to cross the threshold. If you copy or create what already exists, you haven’t moved into or through the liminal space. Artists thrive and create in that liminal space and what they birth moves us because we sense and feel that we are looking at the product of true magic, the deepest imagination.

Some call the Liminal Space the Third Space. It’s the next dimension of reality. When you meditate deeply and transition from Beta to Alpha states of consciousness, and even deeper to Theta state, you get a glimpse of this next place. Beings inhabit this third space. We see them in our peripheral vision, sense and feel them around us when we’re still and quiet. Gems and minerals enhance the vibration to attune to this third space. Our second dimension reality can begin to vibrate in alignment with this magical place, which in turn propels us a bit closer to the magic I’m describing.

Shamanic journey takes you into the third space. And you do not return the “same” from that experience; you can’t. Shamanic work shifts you on cellular levels and then your experience of reality shifts to accommodate the new you. Each time you return from the other levels – the upper, the lower, the liminal – you are changed. And you are drawn to these experiences because some part of you is seeking to align with the third space. Some part of you thirsts to evolve. Your soul aches to be free of the limitations you are familiar with. Your comfort stops serving you.

For our purposes, the liminal space is a transition in your awareness of your soul’s purpose in this lifetime. In the liminal space, we sense that our entire life is a learning landscape. Every moment, every person, is an opportunity to learn and experience what is needed. Your life is so very short that you are, in many ways, running a race to learn all you can before you transition. How much can she learn? How quickly can she integrate the awareness?

Integrating the awareness of your life lessons and soul purpose is your work. How do you do this work? You engage in a dialogue with your guides and with your environment. Of everything you should ask, what is the lesson? What am I learning? If it’s all a teaching, then you will start to look at your relationships, your wounds, your sorrow, your fortune, your joy, your health, your life in a new way. You are in a constant exchange of energy on your way through this liminal space. And you choose how you work with this energy. You choose its value, whether it’s “good” or “bad”. You choose its impact, whether it “hurts” or “heals” you.

And you are only responsible for you. Your liminal space, your threshold, is yours alone. Others have theirs. You have yours.

What if …

What if you began today to focus on your soul purpose by sensing and feeling rather than judging and knowing? What if you began to attend to your life and saw everything, person, and experience as a teacher? What if you started asking different questions – of your health, of your partner, of your children – as if all of those people and things and states of being are teachers?

When you begin to sense what you are learning, when you are in dialogue with the Universe and not monologue, and when you recognize the power of this in-between place where you are now, something will shift for you.

And you will realize the true power of the threshold.