POP IX – Magic

Pillars VIII & IX: Mindfulness and Magic, Channeling the Muse

Mindfulness – the process of being fully aware, awake, and alive in the present moment. While mindfulness is formally experienced through meditation, it is also a living philosophy for being that translates into all realms of life. You can mindfully eat breakfast, mindfully communicate with your loved ones, and mindfully connect with divine flow through time and space. That is where magic comes in.

Our archetype for invoking mindfulness in magic is The Muse. In Greek mythology there are 9 Muses: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania and Calliope, each reigning over one of the many fine arts. These beautiful deities are embodiments of the creative realms. They represent divine inspiration and were called upon by many great artists and philosophers in ancient times to channel the heavenly flow of creativity in their work. We work with the Muses to connect to the creative force of the Universe, and call upon them as co-designers of our own life. When we’re mindful and in flow, we are naturally creative and inspired, just like the Muses themselves.

To me, mindfulness is about aligning myself with the creative flow of the Universe. I believe mindfulness is the active walking of our path with conscious awareness of past, present, and future – all while acknowledging and holding space for signs from the Universe to guide our way. The Universe is the divine creator, and as humans we possess this power within our own being —  especially as women. We give birth to life, to art, and to the winding path of our life with every thought, act, and expression. Flow begins with Source but channels through us to all of creation.

Mindlessness is the opposite – the state of being without conscious awareness of the present moment. If you’re pushing, forcing, or trying to control your life you are not in the divine flow. When you stop forcing things, your awareness opens to the signs the Universe is trying to send you, to guide you forward and toward your highest potential. These signs come in many forms, and while we’ve been practicing how to open ourselves up to these messages, the most important part of our work as priestesses is trusting the information we receive enough to act on it. If you let go of fear and trust the Universe, you will align with beautiful creative flow and experience true mindfulness. You’ll also receive the keys to the kingdoms of prosperity, health, and joy. It’s all connected.

Are you in mindful creative flow? Consider how you’ve been feeling lately. Are you having to fight for things? Are you expending all your energy just to get by? Or rather, are good things naturally flowing into your life? Noticing synchronicities is a good sign that you’re on your path. If you’re here, doing this work, and care enough to ask, then I am confident that you are on your divine path. Feels good, doesn’t it? I know I am proud of you. This work is not easy – not for any of us.

Check in with yourself using these journal prompts to notice how mindfulness is at play in your life today.


  1. What in your life comes naturally to you right now? How do you feel when you’re engaged in that activity or process? What can you do to be more present during those experiences?
  2. How have you noticed the Universe guiding you? Has there ever been a time when you were guided in one direction and went the other way? What events followed?