• Pure Positivity Yellow Aura Selenite Wands for powerful possibility

    It’s pure magic when selenite and yellow aura come together as in these Pure Positivity Yellow Aura Selenite Wands! Selenite is a sweet and potent crystal that purifies spaces and raises the vibration. In this yellow aura variety, this gypsum gem becomes even more potent,...
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  • Soul Shift Exclusive – Selenite Discs for December Mandala Crafting

    Calling all Soul Shifters! Did you join me for our crating class this week? Many of you have asked us for additional selenite discs so you can make more mandalas over the holidays. These are available in a selection of shapes, just choose the one...
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  • Moon Phase Engraved Selenite Wands for working with lunar magic

    These Moon Phase Engraved Selenite Wands are back in stock and even more incredible than ever! These beautiful wands are now engraved with an original moon phase design, created right here at SG Headquarters by my talented team of artists. These wands are a tribute...
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  • Indulge Your Senses Crystal Grid

    for pleasure and beauty

    Embrace life’s simple pleasures and open your eyes to the luxury and beauty around you with this Indulge Your Senses Crystal Grid! This new offering includes some of my top stones for getting in touch with and enhancing your senses so that you can enjoy...
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  • Ultimate SG 11 Anniversary Smudging Set

    for purification

    Purify negative energies and elevate the vibration of your space with this Ultimate SG 11 Anniversary Smudging Set! This custom set was created to celebrate Sage Goddess’ 11th anniversary, and it’s unlike any smudging set I’ve EVER offered before. I smudge daily to purify my...
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  • Bedroom Dream Grid

    for deep and peaceful rest

    Are you looking for sweet dreams and peaceful sleep? We worked with this Bedroom Dream Grid together during the Reimagine Virtual Retreat and you loved it SO much that it’s now back by popular demand! This grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering designed to...
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  • Moroccan Crystal Quad

    for restoring energetic flow

    Invoke the magic of Morocco and raise energetically purifying, cleansing vibrations with this Moroccan Crystal Quad! This set is the latest in our series of custom Sage Goddess crystal quads and comes with four powerhouse crystals from Morocco for restoring your energetic flow: Orange selenite...
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  • Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid

    I’m so excited to share this Soul Shift and Crystal Masters Exclusive: Guided Journey to Adyton Grid with you! I created this offering so that you can build your very own Adyton-inspired crystal grid. It’s meant to accompany an exclusive bonus session that will become...
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  • Winter Goddess Crystal Grid

    for peace and intuition

    This Winter Goddess Crystal Grid is a custom Sage Goddess offering, designed to help you channel angelic frequencies of love, tranquility, intuition, joy, and protection this season and beyond! Creating crystal grids is one of the most effective ways that I put my precious gems...
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  • Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set

    Harness the power of Earth’s favorite celestial besties with this Bowl of Light Sun and Moon Gem Set! This offering features a gorgeous selenite bowl and intentionally selected gems that include labradorite, heliodor, dolomite, sunset sodalite, and clear quartz. Each promotes the unique qualities of...
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  • Simple Ritual – Basic Smudge Set

    for clearing your space

    Clear out stagnant energy and raise the vibrations with this Simple Ritual - Basic Smudge Set. This set features an abalone shell, Himalayan salt crystal, white sage bundle, palo santo stick, selenite stick, tumbled garnet, “Protection” BeeBop, and a AAA-Grade clear quartz point for magnification....
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  • SG Starter Kit for igniting your spiritual journey

    I created this SG starter kit by popular request. And I am so thrilled because I have truly included everything you need for a crash course in metaphysical and spiritual exploration. There is so much I want to share with you, so much I cannot...
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