• Gemstone Sale: Chrysoprase Heart Healing Pendants

    $ 79.00$ 89.00
    Bring in some self-nurturing and love with these Chrysoprase Heart Healing Pendants. Chrysoprase is a Heart Chakra gemstone that heals old love wounds and connects you to compassion, love, and peace. These pendants also have peridot and green kyanite gemstones on them for extra heart...
  • Gemstone Sale: Stichtite Pendants

    $ 69.00
    These Stichtite Pendants are beautiful pieces of protection and purification. Stichtite is a Crown Chakra crystal that protects you from negativity, shielding your emotional body and boosting your physical resilience. It promotes compassion, forgiveness, and the creation and maintenance of strong personal boundaries in relationships....
  • Ishtar’s Power Key Lapis Pendants to invoke the Goddess of Heaven

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 21.00
    Get ready to unlock a deep well of empowerment with these Ishtar's Power Key Lapis Pendants. These pieces are gorgeous, custom-carved for SG, and come with a black cord, perfect for wearing. Ishtar was once known as Inanna, the Goddess of Heaven - the archetype...
  • Gemstone Sale: Pink Aragonite Pendants

    $ 69.00$ 79.00
    Overcome any resistance to love with these beautiful and tender Pink Aragonite Pendants. Each of these pendants features beautiful faceted rose quartz and aragonite set in 925 sterling. Rose quartz is the stone of universal love. It opens the heart and fosters unconditional love while...
  • Gemstone Sale: Druzy Blue Agate Pendants

    $ 74.00$ 84.00
    Greater alignment and harmony are the gifts of these stunning Druzy Blue Agate Pendants. Set in .925 silver, these pendants feature a druzy blue agate with blue kyanite with open back. Blue agate is a stone of calm and centering. It's a powerful stone to...
  • Thousand Line Pink Onyx Love Pendants for heart medicine

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 22.00
    These Thousand Line Pink Onyx Love Pendants are bursting with healing and love magic. They’re just full of tender and sweet Heart Chakra medicine. Onyx is known as a supreme protection stone and these utterly lovely pendants from Pakistan, set in 925 sterling silver, are...
  • Gemstone Sale: Herkimer Diamond Pendant

    $ 799.00
    Exquisite, timeless, and full of universal wisdom. That’s the beauty of this gorgeous and breathtaking Herkimer Diamond Pendant. Herkimer is a Soul Star Chakra gemstone that’s considered a master healer. It raises your vibration and aligns you with Source energy. It opens psychic channels and...
  • Gemstone Sale: XXL Larimar Pendant

    $ 599.00
    Having some issues with speaking your truth boldly? Then this XXL Larimar Pendant will help you connect with your truth in a way that you're heard! This pendant is a statement piece that features a gorgeous larimar crystal set in .925 sterling silver. Referred to...
  • Gemstone Sale: Seraphinite and Dioptase Pendants

    $ 129.00
    Connect with the celestial realms and higher wisdom with these Seraphinite and Dioptase Pendants. Each of these pendants features a tear-drop shaped seraphinite crystal with a small dioptase gemstone set in .925 silver. Seraphinite is named after the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. It...
  • Gemstone Sale: The Intuitive Muse Blue Lace Agate and Tanzanite Pendants

    $ 99.00
    Open your Third Eye a little wider with these gorgeous The Intuitive Muse Blue Lace Agate and Tanzanite Pendants. These pendants come in varied shapes and feature a blue lace agate stone (about 1") that hangs from a natural piece of tanzanite (about 0.25"). Blue...
  • Gemstone Sale: Covasa Opal Pendants

    $ 34.00$ 39.00
    Soothing, beautiful, and transformative - this is the medicine of these gorgeous Covasa Opal Pendants. Each of these pendants features a gorgeous, high-quality Covasa opal with sphalerite and clear quartz gemstones set in .925 sterling silver. Opal resonates with the element of water and brings...
  • Garnet and Coral Life Force Pendants for Root Chakra activation

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 79.00$ 89.00
    Deep anchoring and grounding magic are the medicine and magic of these powerful Garnet and Coral Life Force Pendants. Both stones in these pendants resonate with and activate the Root Chakra, bringing forth deep Mother Earth connection and stability. Garnet is a protective and calming...
  • Dragon Fire Perfume and Pendant Duo for power and transformation

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 34.00$ 39.00
    You’ve been asking for it, and Dragon Perfume is back! This time, with a carnelian perfume bottle pendant, engraved with the fire element symbol. These pendants were custom-made just for Sage Goddess, perfect for infusing you and your perfumes with ultra firepower. My Dragon Perfume...
  • Healing Light Quartz Pendants for illumination and regeneration

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 24.00 $ 19.00
    These Healing Light Quartz Pendants are so fun and channel the healing effect of light energy. When you twist these, they light up green - the color of healing Heart Chakra energy. Combined with the Soul Star Chakra magic of clear quartz, this adornment is...
  • Gemstone Sale: Vivianite with Aquamarine Pendants

    $ 229.00$ 249.00
    These Vivianite with Aquamarine Pendants are full of generosity and emotional healing. These pendants feature either an oval or rectangle-shaped vivianite crystal with a small aquamarine crystal with an open back. Vivianite facilitates physical healing and brings generosity and optimism. Aquamarine offers emotional healing, taps...
  • Hamsa Hand Garnet Protection Pendants for safety and happiness

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $ 69.00
    These beautiful Hamsa Hand Garnet Protection Pendants invoke and honor a sacred symbol of defense. The Hamsa Hand, the image of an open hand, is an ancient symbol originating in the Middle East that represents the hand of God. It’s found in many different cultures...

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