The Magic of November Numerology: The Power of 11/11

Numerology The Magic of November Numerology: The Power of 11/11

The Magic of November Numerology: The Power of 11/11

11/11 is one of my favorite days of the year – and it’s one of the most powerful days of the year – when intentions act like jet fuel for the manifestations of tomorrow. The numerical vibration of 11 is considered a master number and the power that it holds is extraordinary. On 11/11, this frequency speeds up the manifestation process because the channels in which the universe can support you are absolutely wide open. In this blog, I’ll share some of The Magic of November Numerology: The Power of 11/11.

The number 1 in numerology represents The Magician and the ability to use your tools – physical and spiritual – to manifest something from nothing. It’s why the number 11 is so powerful, it’s that Magician power doubled, and it represents a special kind of energy – dreams coming into physical form. A lot of people ask me, how do I know if I’m on the right path? How do I know I’m following my purpose? If you’re seeing 11 show up in your life, the universe is signaling to you that you’re in divine flow – that what you seek is seeking you. This day, of all days, is the time to dream up the most incredible vision for your life or the most soul-level-compatible partner you can imagine and let it fill your heart because, with the universe on your side, anything is possible.

On 11/11, you’re reminded to seek the magic within. Don’t underestimate your skills and abilities. Keep your eyes open for new opportunities to see the truth, connect with your guides, and bring your wildest dreams to fruition. This day is a message of the support and wisdom that surrounds you along the way. On this powerful day of manifestation and twin flame connection, get ready to align with your soul path, manifest your desires, or call in love.

111 Angel Number Magic

Angels use number sequences to activate light codes necessary to support the soul’s development. Anytime you see 111 or 11:11, your angelic guides are communicating with you to say, hey, you’re here to create magic! On 11/11, that connection is amplified. The number 11 is a gateway to the higher realms, and before you start manifesting, it’s a good idea to call in your guides. They can help you seek within and work with the tools available to you to manifest your desired outcome. When you see this angel number, and especially on this day, your angels are calling you to connect with your inner magic and share your spiritual gifts with the world.


The Law of Attraction, based on the Hermetic Principles, teaches us that everything manifest is created by thought. Where your attention goes, energy flows. You really do think things into existence, so pay attention to what’s going on in your head and use intention to focus on the things you do want as if they are already happening.

Before you get to manifesting, it’s important to ask yourself why you wish to call your desires into your life. Setting aside a few minutes (11 minutes?) of meditation to go within and find clear reasons behind why you want what you want is a simple but powerful way to ensure its seamless creation. The result can be profound, especially if you have a little faith – the better part of magic is belief!

Now that your intentions are clear and your spirit guides are surrounding you, you’re truly ready to manifest. Just as we were brought into being, we are blessed with the ability to bring life, in countless forms, into being. 11/11 is the day to envision your dreams becoming reality; what thoughts are you thinking in your land of “dreams come true”? What does the space around you look like? What actions are you taking? And how do you feel? What does it feel to have your deepest wishes come true? Imagine the possibilities you’re capable of creating, and consciously name them into existence. Paint, write, sing, dance, smile, laugh this vision into existence. 11/11 can be the first day of the rest of your life!

Twin Flame/Twin Spirit

11/11 is not only a powerful energy portal for manifesting your heart’s desires, this energy rules the Twin Flame relationship. The number 11 is representative of the dual nature present in the universe – light and shadow, masculine and feminine, yin and yang. It stands to reason that our soul also has an opposite – its mirror, a Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is a connection that not only reflects what we love about ourselves but the lessons we need to learn to understand and know our souls more deeply and authentically. There’s no hiding from a Twin Flame – you know them when you see them because it’s as if you’re looking at yourself.

Whether you’re still searching for your Twin Flame or you’ve found them already, 11/11 is a powerful day to manifest this connection into your life or manifest in unison with your Twin Flame. November 11 amplifies the already-intense nature of Twin Flames, making it a perfect day to call that energy into your life or harness it to manifest your desires.

In Closing

Work with the magic of 11/11 to tap into your sacred soul path energy, so that you can manifest your highest wishes. And because there’s an alignment of energies occurring here in your favor, it’s important to entertain positive thoughts and intentions. Your personal manifestation power is so potent today, it’s best to avoid entertaining negativity or fears of any kind. Instead, it’s a beautiful day to acknowledge and give thanks for the innumerable ways in which the energy surrounding you is constantly in support of your goals, dreams, path, and purpose.

The universe is listening and the universe is talking. On November 11, these channels are wide open. Listen close, speak clearly, give thanks, and believe. Everything you want is already yours. And so it is.

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