Star People – Are You One?

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Star People – Are You One?

There is nothing worse than feeling out of place in this world – where nothing around you makes sense, and the haunting dread of loneliness seeps in because you don’t belong. Looking up at the night sky, you longingly wonder about the stars, the planets, the other realms or galaxies where you could have come from. You wonder if you are meant for this world – if your vivid dreams and memories of a different life have more reality than your waking life . Suddenly a light shines inward as you feel a warm sensation in your soul. That feeling is a sense of remembering, but most importantly, a sense of belonging. It’s a difficult road to trust that intuition as a Star person, because reality can be so bleak that the sense of magic could be lost, and so they learn to repress those feelings; but as brightly as that light of knowledge shines, so does the inner self.

We all come from Source, our souls belong to Source, but our birthplace varies. Star people are first born to a different planet, or a star, and then sent to earth. They are sent here to help raise the vibration of the planet – to illuminate and assist, and help us understand the meaning of life. To understand Star people, we must first believe in extraterrestrials. We must believe in past lives, ancient civilizations, and reincarnation. I cannot imagine a Universe where just one planet is gifted, and isolated, with life. This would limit the wonder in our Universe, which I believe to be limitless.

Mainstream media depicts Star people as ugly, strange, and frightening things. They are presented as our enemy – other life forms that are more advanced and horrifyingly manipulative. How would we see them otherwise, when it’s difficult for humans to accept one another as equals without fear? How do we accept ourselves without fear?

Star people know from a young age that they don’t belong. They’re usually old souls that feel lost, without a purpose, and misunderstood. They feel divided – they never feel as though they belong anywhere. The courageous Star person is over 1,000 years ahead of us, sent to assist humankind, and though most never truly remember it all, others will never forget. This is what leads to a heavy depression, as they find it difficult to adapt and behave like a human. Deep down, they know different. They know they’re not human, and so they never feel residence within their body.

It is said that as children, Star people remember everything until their memory of wonder starts to slip away. Being unable to remember their true origins as they get older, most suppress these thoughts into their subconscious, harboring great pain – but through that pain all the radiant powers of love, healing, and creativity can still emerge.

Common traits among Star people:

  • Their eyes look like crescent moons
  • They’re empathetic, wise, and unique
  • They have a very old soul
  • They have had psychic experiences, most notable with vivid and prophetic dreams
  • They don’t have a sense of “home” or “belonging”
  • Animals are easily drawn to them
  • They are attracted to the study of metaphysics
  • They’re spiritually advanced
  • Their auras are not solid, but instead have the radiance of a rainbow

We must be able to recognize our Star friends, so that we may be able to help them, as many of them abandoned their homes, families, and friends to assist us. We must give back. If you are one, know that you’re not alone.

9 thoughts on “Star People – Are You One?

  1. Great article! Yes, I am. It’s been a challenge from the beginning and homesickness is setting in. I’ve had the blessing of being able to move certain individuals in a profound way.

  2. I must be one because I never had a niche…..I have always been different. All of those things are me but I’m not sure about the eyes….I will check when I get home (lol). Thanks Athena for this…..I resonate deeply!!!

  3. I deeply relate to your blog on star people. I have never felt like I fit in anywhere even tho I am extremely empathetic. I know I am different, and I have reached the point where I am no longer interested in trying to “adjust” myself so I seem to fit in. I love animals and relate to them far more than humans. I have been fascinated by quantum physics and astronomy since in high school, and by mediums who can communicate with spirit since my husband died in 1987.
    I always try to be kind to people I do interact with. Other than that tho I don’t know what I have to give. I feel very alone.

  4. I wish I didn’t feel so alone. So many setbacks and hatred thrown my way. I’m sent reeling. Even smudging and protection work doesn’t help anymore. That’s how hard it is to live now. I am truly not feeling like I belong here anymore.

  5. Thanks for this article.
    I had a reading done 2 years ago and was told I was a star seed helper and I came from Orion.

  6. Thank you for this. It rezignated with me deeply. I never knew of this and now things make a little more sense.

  7. I now have an understanding of why I feel so odd. Nothing ever seems to fit no matter how hard I try. I have maybe 1 person who truly understands me and I believe it’s because she’s a star child too! When you hit 99% of the statements you mentioned then it leaves no doubt and with being empathetic and depression because it hurts to feel others pain and there’s not much you can do to help them!!!! Maybe I can rest easier now that I understand why I am this way. I love people all people doesn’t matter who, what, where your from I try to include you as I know what it feels like to be an outsider looking in!!! Thank you for the insight Athena!!!! It’s perfect!!!!!

  8. I read this blog. I have always felt out of place in my own life. I was always older in knowledge but not in age. I have always had the ability to know things as it happens. I am uncomfortable in crowds and have trouble understand why people do what they do. How have joy in it. My joy is being in nature, animals, the sun, the moon, and stars. All these bring me great comfort. I want to thank you for writing the blog. I do not know if I am a star person but if you get that sense please share! Light and love!

  9. Thank you so very much for your gracious words.

    If only our minds -memories and feelings could be downloaded to a USB so we could revisit the lost memories locked away in our minds.

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