Christmas Heralds the Dawn of Light Divine


Christmas Heralds the Dawn of Light Divine

Dear Ones,

Over two-thousand years ago, wise men and women, sages of yore, followed the guiding light of the North Star to pay homage to the newly birthed Son of God. The North Star’s grand proclamation of the Christ-child’s birth was heralded by the Winter Solstice— the beginning of a new solar year. These astrological indications illuminated the path for the wisemen, who traversed the long, dark nights, beyond the shadows of doubt, to faithfully arrive at the dawn of the light divine.

Without any other roadmap other than the light of the cosmos thousands of ancient pilgrims made their way to the humble manger scene where light of Lord was one with flesh of humanity. While our traditions have transformed over the ages and through the generations, I find great comfort in remembering the history of our sacred passages. The message of the wisemen’s journey to the illuminated heart is the true meaning of the holiday season. When the cares of the world seem too great, or when I lose sight of my center, my true north, I come back to the highest aspects of myself through love— the light of the heart.

If following the map of the North Star’s light is not a tradition you honor or recognize, bear in mind that all traditions are, in fact, your traditions. You are an old soul, a wise traveler. At some point, your ancestral travels likely took you across the eastern deserts to Nazareth and Jerusalem. At some point, you walked that long road guided only by the knowing light of the steady star above. Just as Hanukkah, the hailing of light, is your tradition. Just as Yule, the birth of the Sun God, is your tradition. I say this because all of these traditions come from One Tradition, in which light returns after an extended period of darkness as a way of rebirthing you through the canal of time. Whatever holy-name you call this season, however you recognize this light, it is the same. You are the same. We are the same.

Allow the natural rhythms of the season to remind you of our shared, sacred traditions. As the dark days turn towards the light, so too, do we turn towards the warm loving embrace of our kin, our history, and our interwoven paths light on the to love. In this sense, the connection of our hearts is a veritable beacon of light and goodwill. Be the spark that illuminates the path of faith for others in your life. Let the light that shines through your eyes express to everyone you see today that is magic real, that the miracle is born within.

I want to thank you for doing the soul-work that stokes the inner fire. Thank you for digging into those deep, dark places, and letting the light shine in. Thank you for stepping into your natural state of being, and allowing the kindness and generosity that flows from within to spread into your global community. Thank you for bringing your light to this sacred season of holy days. For all of the beautiful energy I’ve received from each of you, my only wish is to return it back three-fold.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days,