May Sabbatical Purchase

Welcome to May! 

Happy Beltane, my dear ones! Today is the sexiest of all our holidays on the Wheel of the Year (WOTY). If you are new to Sabbatical or to honoring the WOTY, you can celebrate Beltane, first of all, by having sex! The Great Rite or sexual union of the God and Goddess isn’t just a metaphor, this is the time of the great coming together of the fertile energies that abound in Spring. All over the world, fire festivals honor the “great burn” of Beltane and the fires that light up the hillsides in England and Ireland even today, symbolizing the release of what doesn’t serve us and the creation of what does.

Honor your burn by creating a small bonfire, writing down on slips of paper what you’re ready to release, and handing those things to the fire in ritual form. To learn more about Beltane, read my blog here. If you’re interested in going deeper into the WOTY, we covered the Sabbats in greater detail  last year in Sanctum, which you can learn about here. May is not only about the fire of sex and creation at Beltane. It is also a potent month for prosperity and money magic – especially on 5/5, 5/14, and 5/23. The month of May represents prosperity and abundance.

We welcomed in the month with Beltane, and the energy of this month is much different than April – a different astrological climate, a different energy, a different elemental correspondence too. April’s wind element energy blew through and created havoc for many of us that earthy Taurus and the grounding energies of May can be called upon to tidy up. This is a month for grounding into our intentions and mindfully planting the seeds of what we seek to sow come the summer and fall harvests. Which brings us nicely to our May theme, because in order to create the success you desire in life, you must first BELIEVE it is possible.

Our May theme is Believe: Drawing upon Spirit for success and support

Can you believe May is upon us already? I almost can’t believe it. We are already ¼ of the way into our Sabbatical journey this year! Last month we explored how to create the life we desire and what that life looks like. Naturally, this month I would like us to turn our gaze upwards as we discuss how to draw upon Spirit for success and support. The truth of the journey is this, beloveds, we cannot do it on our own. What we may perceive as our power is nothing more than the power of the Great Spirit flowing through us. We are but channels for the power of Source and how we use it is up to us.

This is a really key element in manifestation work, and one we often miss the mark on. We allow our ego to take over and we falsely believe that we are the power. To me, we are all goddesses and what is a goddess but an echo of the Great Mystery, the Divine Creator of life. In human form, a goddess is intentional, creative, and free. She doesn’t judge herself or others. She sees life as a spiritual engagement, an interconnected web of diverse energies emitted by people, animals, stones, plants, and trees.

Energetic connection occurs consistently and effortlessly for all of us every day; you are engaging with me energetically right now as you read this, in fact. This is where we begin realizing just how deep our connection goes. It is here we can acknowledge the fact that we do not have to walk the road alone. It is only a trick of the ego that tells us that we have to do anything alone. When we are fully engaged with and connected to Spirit we realize that we are infinite and so is our power. It’s when we try to carry the load by ourselves that we become tired, worn out, and defeated. By relying on Spirit, we find an endless well of comfort, energy, and wellness to carry us through.

Journal prompts:

What does success look like to you? What does support look like to you?

  • Do you feel successful? Supported? In what areas do you feel blocked?
  • What areas of your life are you carrying the weight all by yourself?
  • What areas of your life are flourishing and growing? Why do you believe that is?

Working with Isis and Osiris

The goddess Isis came to be worshipped in ancient Egypt but her reach spread far and wide throughout the Roman Empire and the Greco-Roman world. Isis reconnects us with our innate healing powers, and so is beloved by healers. She supports our quest to reclaim our individual power and take responsibility for our own healing journey. She shows us our ability to heal ourselves and to heal others. She shows us how to connect and channel the Goddess to empower our own lives. Isis can help to awaken your healing abilities and healing intuition, your ability to communicate with the physical body and to intuit any needs you may have for healing. She empowers you to use the healing power of love and gratitude and to raise the energy level of the physical body by connecting to Source.

Oh Isis, powerful queen and ancient goddess of Egypt, mother of Horus, patron of magic, leader of women, symbol of divine motherhood and matrimony. She went to the ends of the Earth, literally, to salvage parts of her husband Osiris’ body when he was killed by his brother. Her love for Osiris is the stuff of ancient legend, perhaps the greatest eternal love story of all time. Her magic is of memory and remembrance.

Isis holds the direction of East and the element of wind perfect for our continuing Spring work, and as such she creates movement across time boundaries. She is past, present, and future. She was able to remember her husband’s body and bring him eternal life after his death. Her power knows no bounds. And so when we honor her, we honor our own magic. We summon our ancient abilities and recognize the depth of our feminine power as well as the expanse of our masculine energy. We are both of these dualities in one, always working in synchronicity with the Universe.