June – 2017 Sabbatical Purchase

June Sabbatical

Happy June, beloveds. This month we prepare to shift once more as the Wheel of the Year will turn to summer here in the Northern Hemisphere on June 21st. Summer corresponds with the Direction of South on the Lakota Medicine Wheel in Native American tradition, and is associated with the color red and the element of fire. Here in the Northern Hemisphere, the Earth warms to the touch and all of nature is alive. All of the plants and herbs and flowers are in growth mode. While those of you in the Southern Hemisphere are deep within your season of rest, of turning within as you prepare for the longest night.

When we practice magic, we do little more than mirror nature and work with the natural cadence of life – this is why we pay homage to the WOTY. In summer, the drumbeat is deep and strong, pulsing within and through us as it pushes us to get outside, to play, and to create.

This is the season of impact and I want to fire you up – get you excited about how to manifest what is meant to come through you this year. So many of you block your own manifestation work because you aren’t open to receiving. It is all too often that I talk with women who have such a hard time being on the receiving end of energy. Remember, all things are energy and all magic is just a flow of energy.

June theme – Receive: Tapping into the Divine Feminine & The Moon

An integral element of our individual and collective healing is our remembrance of the Sacred Feminine essence, energy, and principle – the Divine Feminine as we know it. Feminine energy is the source of our connection to love, creation, and is the embodiment of a deeply held connection to Nature, aka “Mother Earth”.

What is the Divine Feminine?

She is the very fabric of our life. She is the force of love and unity that flows within our collective and individual psyche, regardless of our gender. She is the destroyer of illusion (Kali) and the healer of wounds (Tara). She is the ‘Goddess’ in all the forms we have been working with these past years plus many more, and the spirit of life. The Divine Feminine is the seer and her voice is one of immense insight, embodying the qualities of wisdom, love, intuition, understanding and compassion. She is our connection with Nature and our natural world. She is the means by which we are connected to Earth, each other, and all realms. She is grounded in nature, deeply connected to the source of all life, and the speaker of the language of wisdom, balance, compassion, and love.

When we talk about the Feminine, we must exalt Grandmother Moon, La Luna Llena shining upon us night after night with all of her watery magic.

To do so, we must embark on a path of individual and collective healing charting our way to wholeness. We must acknowledge the unspoken and as yet uncrystallised truth that the Feminine is equal in all respects to the Masculine. Woman is equal to man. Man is equal to woman. All are equal to each other. We Are All One. We are all creations of Creation.

It is time we move beyond the duality, to instead embrace our truest and deepest essence, and to begin healing the deeply held wounds of history which have eroded our personal and collective sovereignty and the feminine self esteem and expression.

Journal prompts:

  • What areas of your life bring out your feminine side/energy? Where does your masculine energy show up?

  • How do you feel about your feminine identity and energy? Do you have any blocks or beliefs carried over surrounding the feminine?

  • Where in your life have you felt oppressed? How does that make you feel? When you think about standing in your Divine Feminine power, how do you feel?

  • Which Goddess archetypes resonate most with you? Which do you avoid? Why?

Invoking Shakti & Shiva for balance and empowerment

Shakti is the divine force of creation, the Source of everything. Shakti is the great mother energy, the goddess called “The Great Divine Mother” in Hindu tradition. She represents the life energy flowing through all beings. Through Shakti, the agent of all creation and change and the personification of the Divine Feminine, we are strengthened and empowered. Shakti is the source of all, the power within that connects us to all that surrounds us.

Working with Shakti energy will help you to find balance within the world and draw inspiration from the sacred energy of its namesake, and help you to feel strengthened in the Divine feminine.