December 2017 Sabbatical Purchase

Welcome to December, beloveds. This month, the last month of 2017, and our final month of focus on gods, goddesses, and divine sources of energy at our full moon gatherings, brings us full circle as we approach the final frontier of sacred energetic work and seek wisdom in the shamanic realms. For our December work we will leave the Middle World (Earth) together, exploring the Above and the Below as a means of gathering deeper answers to our most compelling questions, seeking the medicine of those best prepared to offer it to us.

Yule, or Winter Solstice, is the shortest day and longest night of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. Every year, right around Dec 21, we celebrate the arrival of winter, remembering the light in this darkest season, filled with the promise of the Sun’s rebirth – the light that always returns. The energy of rejoicing, reunion, and illumination is echoed in our spiritual traditions. Across the different paths we walk, we are invariably led to light during these days that are otherwise dark. And the message is, light always prevails. Life always wins.

After the Solstice, days will grow longer, and in Earth-based traditions, we enjoy this time of hope and preparation. The magic of Yule is that of restoration, planning, and releasing what no longer serves so that we carry into the New Year only what we need to manifest our soul’s purpose. Energetically, this season is celebrated as one of personal hibernation, when our spirits draw inward and our bodies long for rest; we restore our Life Force, and honor the sacred stillness within. Here, our bodies and souls synchronize, and we enter the New Year whole and in harmony with All That Is.

Astrologically, we have lots of movement this month! On the 1st, Venus will enter the sign of Sagittarius. On the 2nd, Mercury will turn retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius – turning direct again on the 22nd. Mars will enter Scorpio on the 9th. On the 19th, Saturn moves into Capricorn, kicking off its approximately 2.5 year transit of the Sea Goat’s sign. Marking the Solstice, the Sun enters Capricorn on the 21st. And finally, Venus will exit Sagittarius and begin her near-month-long transit of Capricorn on the 24th.  

Mercury goes retrograde in the last degree of Sagittarius on December 2nd. This is the time to regain confidence in your inner truth and the meaning of life, and to stand strong in your intuition. If you want to try again – at a relationship, a project, an idea, a conversation – you get a second chance with Mercury who stops, backs up, and gives you another shot.

December brings a Full Moon in Gemini on December 3rd. Gemini is the sign of communication –  it loves to learn, experience,  understand, and make sense of everything. Keeping an open mind is highly encouraged, as Gemini holds a mirror to every aspect of ourselves, helping us see from different points of view, and to embrace duality and paradox.

We will experience a New Moon in Sagittarius on December 17th. When you set your new moon intentions, harness the buoyant, adventurous, and optimistic qualities of the Archer. Sagittarius is associated with the hips and thighs – the muscles that can really take you somewhere. As the sign of the saying, go big or go home, Sagittarius encourages us to think and act in greater ways, with greater meaning, and with expanded awareness.  

December theme –  Retreat: As Above, So Below

Over the past couple of months, I have led you on a journey deeper into yourselves. Together, we have courageously revealed aspects of ourselves previously kept locked away. Through healthy integration of your darkness, you have reached a new state of evolution. This newly evolved you is free to step into her full light. This month we delight in the radiance of our uniquely beautiful shine and glow that will always be with us, that IS us. Just as we honor the rebirth of the Sun in December (as the days once again begin to lengthen), we honor the rebirth within each of us. This is a month of promise – the promise of new manifestations of love, hope, and light. While the night force is still strong, we naturally want to retreat within, to dream and find more of ourselves in less obvious places. This is a perfect time for exploring the Above and the Below as a means of gathering deeper answers to our most compelling questions, seeking the medicine of those best prepared to offer it to us.

December’s Sabbatical Set is filled with tools intentionally chosen to accompany you on your path of retreat – temporary retreat from the human realm in order to deepen your understanding and experience of Source, and connect with the wisdom and support of allies in the upper and lower worlds.

Journal Prompts:

  • What image would you give your evolved self in this moment? What have you transformed into?
  • How would you describe the quality of your light? Does it have a shape? Color? Frequency? Temperature?
  • What simple thing can you do each day to increase your deep connection with Source?
  • What do you most long to learn from the lower and upper worlds – have you asked these questions?
  • Is a new teacher arising for you in any form? What do you see, hear, smell, taste, and feel in your teacher’s presence?

Invoking Source and journeying the upper and lower worlds

Under this December’s full moon, we will honor the Source of all existence – the One who made All. Source represents the singular emanation of light from which all life emerged. However you think of God or Goddess, the One who breathed life into your being, is Source. It represents your own imagining of the Divine, your own ability to connect deeply with the fountain of energy at the center of our Cosmos. As part of Source and Love itself, we celebrate the sweet and gentle respite of retreat this time of year offers.

The Shamanic trinity is the division of the world into three levels: upper, lower and middle. Represented as a tree, the lower world is the roots, middle the trunk, and upper the branches. This month, we will journey together: first the lower world – the realm of spiritual animal helpers and the crystal and mineral kingdom, and then the upper world – the realm of spirit guides, ascended masters, and light beings from other galaxies. The middle world is where we live and breathe today – our local realm of human creation, the mortal coil of time and space. When we journey to the upper and lower worlds, we engage new sets of teachers and spirit helpers who can shepherd us through outer realms, assisting us as we see and interpret signs all around us. All beings and creatures are teachers to us, and unique entities reside in the different worlds.

The lower world is full of nature spirits, with insight into nature and the interconnectivity of creation. The essences of plants, animals, minerals, and the elements reside here and are available to connect with us, imparting deep wisdom of the Earth and all nature. The lower world also represents the active parts of ourselves we are unaware of (our subconscious). Journeying the lower world and working with plant and animal totems can reconnect us with our instinctual and authentic power and drive. Akin to the tree’s roots, the energies and spirits of this world teach us to nurture ourselves and each other, to ground ourselves, and to respect natural laws.

Star nations, spirit guides, and angels are found in the upper world, along with archetypes and planetary beings which include the astrological signs, also referred to as domains of consciousness. Journeying the upper world and connecting with our guides and higher vibrational spirits and energies brings us closer to Source and Oneness. Allies in this world help reveal our truest essence and Higher Self. The upper world represents our super consciousness and the tree’s branches. Flowers bloom from the branches, and this world of the heavens reflects our highest pinnacle, and the blossoming of our greatest purpose.