It’s time to clean house, get clear and aligned, and return to a purpose-driven life.


In Living Magic, you will experience a tightly held container where you can enter with questions and find clarity, support, and strength. We will work together in four sessions across each month tied to a seasonal and energetic theme, each dedicated to a different aspect of your life, your routine, and your healing.

Meet Your Guide

I’m Athena, and I’m your guide for this year of Living Magic! Over the last 13 years, I have helped more than 11,000 members of our online community discover brighter, new versions of themselves. I have invested my entire adult life in the study of human potential. My expertise bridges the gap between adult learning and the spiritual world. I was an award-winning university professor for 15 years before becoming an executive coach in the private sector and then turning my attention to online teaching in what I love most: energetic and spiritual transformation. I had always been the mystic black sheep in my family, my community, and even among my college students. After I was diagnosed with MS in 2010, I realized that it was time to align my personal and professional desires and start living into my full authentic self without fear. I launched Sage Goddess after setting a new moon intention in the spring of 2011, and the rest is a beautiful history that even inspires me. Magic is real, and my life is proof. My passion is taking magical people to the next level of their practice and helping them live full, embodied, and authentic lives.

This Month's Class

4 Monthly Sessions

Living Astrology

Co-led by Tara Aal, our resident astrologer

Learn about the top current cosmic events – what they mean, how to handle them, and how to grow
through them, along with a deep dive into personalized astrology topics.

Practicing Magic

Integrate spiritual and leadership theories with practical applications to your personal life,
including your body, your home, and your relationships.


Gain access to wide-ranging and in-depth crystal wisdom. Understand both where your crystals come from and how to
apply their magic in daily life.

(Available for purchase separately)

Sound Healing

Incorporate sound and vibrational healing into your daily routine to shift the frequency of your entire energetic field toward greater health, balance, and wellness.

Monthly Class Tools & Allies

Each month, 2 sets of optional tools are available as subscriptions – A Living Magic set and a Crystalpedia set.
We recommend that Living Magic members subscribe to both sets to receive tools for sessions throughout the
month. To secure these tools, you must subscribe before midnight on the 15th day of the previous month.
All tools are voluntary and not required for you to participate in the program.


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Bring Magic to Every
Part of Your Life

Living Magic is a program designed to breathe life into all the spaces of your world that have been feeling empty, lonely, or sad.

It’s time to clean house, get clear and aligned, and return to a purpose-driven life. In Living Magic, you will experience a tightly held container where you can enter with questions and find clarity, support, and strength. We will work together in four sessions across each month tied to a seasonal and energetic theme, each dedicated to a different aspect of your life, your routine, and your healing.

  • • All sessions are conducted live on YouTube and recorded for later viewing. If you miss class for any reason, you’ll have lifetime access to the archived recordings. And please, don’t rush: You have until the end of the year to complete the program for certification. Sometimes the content of an early session will be more relevant to you later. Pay attention to that wisdom. Do the work when you are ready.
  • • Sessions can be accessed via laptop, desktop computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • • With a Living Magic membership, you will have access to a private Facebook group where you can connect with other members and enjoy additional Facebook posts, learnings, and videos created specifically for you. This is the only Facebook group I moderate alongside Alexys and Karen, and we will be there to answer any questions and hang out with you.
  • • We provide monthly worksheets and notes for each of our four main sessions in PDF format.

If you’re not ready for Living Magic, you can opt to sign up for either Living Astrology or Crystalpedia. Each includes one approximately 2-hour session each month (streamed live on YouTube and archived for later viewing).

Your Living Magic Membership Includes:

  • 4 live sessions per month (archived for later viewing)
Certification as:
  • 2023 Living Magic Practitioner
  • Living Astrology Practitioner
  • Living Crystal Healer
  • Living Sound Healer
  • Introduction to Astrology video with foundational information about birth
    charts, planets, signs, houses, and Sun, Moon, and rising signs
  • 4 Elder Council journeys throughout the year, where we connect with our elders and ancestors and access their guidance
  • Online homepage where all notes, announcements, and class recordings are posted for easy access
  • Course-based monthly worksheets
  • Session notes in PDF format to print and store for future use
  • Access to our speaker series throughout the year (starting with our live special event on January 20th with Deepak Chopra!)
  • Access to my private Living Magic Facebook group to connect with other members and receive ongoing support and guidance from me. Here you can ask anything – I’m your personal coach in this space!
  • Additional free bonus sessions and Facebook Lives throughout the year
  • Exclusive access to select new product launches and live gem shows and learnings
  • A standing discount whenever you shop at


  • Do I need advanced knowledge about spirituality to participate in Living Magic?
    – No, you do not need any prior experience with spiritual practices to join our Living Magic programs. Our programs are suitable for both beginners, as well as advanced practitioners.
  • Will classes be recorded for later watching if I can’t make it to the live class?
    – Yes, all live classes are recorded, and you will have lifelong access to rewatch the classes as many times as you would like.
  • Is there a deadline to register?
    – No, you are welcome to join anytime. You will not be charged until January 1, 2023 if you join the program during December 2022, and going forward your subscription will auto-renew on the 1st of each following month.
  • Can I participate in the programs if I live outside the US?
    – Yes, we welcome students from all around the world. You can choose a time that is convenient for you to watch the class since all live classes are recorded. You can also stay in touch with your classmates and Team SG through the private Facebook group.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    – When you register for our online programs, you will have the following options to pay for your class subscription: credit/debit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay. A payment plan is also available through PayPal Credit which is subject to PayPal’s own approval process.
  • How do I join the private Facebook group?
    – We are still working on creating a private Facebook group for our Living Magic members. A link to join the group will be available in the January classroom and will also be shared via email.

For more frequently asked questions and answers, please click here.

July 2023 – The Magic of Archetypes and Beauty
How to live in harmony with nature. Redefining beauty.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and Venus
Crystalpedia: Crystals for harmony
Sound Healing: Rattle filled with mookaite jasper chip stones
Guest Speaker: Astrologer Colin Bedell of Queer Cosmos

June 2023 – The Magic of Spaces
How to create a prosperous home. Understanding meridians and energy flow.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and birth chart rulers
Crystalpedia: Crystals for Feng Shui
Sound Healing: Feng Shui Rattle
Guest Speaker: Sergio L. Yang – The Magic of Feng Shui

May 2023 – Sacred Exchange and Relationships
How to clear the energy of the day and send others’ energy back.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and Jupiter
Crystalpedia: Crystals for abundance
Sound Healing: Vibrational healing mat
Guest Speaker: Zhena Muzyka – ProsperiTEA Ceremony

April 2023 – Neutrality and Space Holding
How to negotiate energy between people in relationships and what it means to hold space.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and the 12 houses
Crystalpedia: Crystals for space holding and support
Sound Healing: Quartz chime

March 2023 – Self-love and Self-care
How to work with Earth medicine to release the energies that no longer serve.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and Saturn
Crystalpedia: Crystals for self-healing
Sound Healing: Wind chime
Guest Speaker: Randy Spelling

February 2023 – Manifesting Love and Divine Connection
How to move towards honesty, clarity, and authenticity in love and relationships.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast, the descendant, and the 7th and 8th houses
Crystalpedia: Athames and cord maintenance work
Sound Healing: Hand-hammered singing bowl
Guest Speaker: Lorrie Kazan – The Tarot of Love Master Class

January 2023 – Set and Setting
How you frame your practice is your practice. Clean, clear, and shift perspective.
Living Astrology: Monthly forecast and Mars
Crystalpedia: Crystals for clearing
Sound Healing: Bell
Guest Speaker: Deepak Chopra