Sacred Mysteries


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Transform Your Life:
Accessing the Sacred Mysteries Through Ancient & Indigenous Ritual

Presented by:
Drs. Athena Perrakis and Armand Bytton

Imagine living an enchanted life where an open heart and deep wisdom guide you into living your soul’s purpose. This is what awaits you as you cross the liminal space, the space of mystery that we will inhabit and explore together in a blended ritual experience co-created by Athena Perrakis, founder of Sage Goddess – the largest source of online ritual tools and instruction in the world, and Armand Bytton, founder of the Life Essentials Institute – a learning center where indigenous practices are given practical applications for living today (

All of us have experienced events in our lifetime that caused us to doubt our intuitive knowledge and close our hearts to love, connection, and oneness. Ritual spaces are created to bring us into a supportive, community-based environment so that we can remember how to trust our heart’s awareness as well as our inner guidance. In ritual space, we become open channels to receive messages about HOW to live our lives more fully and through these experiences, we release fear and doubt. Instead of trying to change or “fix” or lives, our lives become aligned and attuned to a higher frequency that reflects our divine birthright.

The ritual circle for this event will be opened by Athena, who will lead a guided meditation taking you into the jungles of the Amazon as well as the temples of ancient Egypt where you will cross a threshold into deep inner wisdom; you’ll come back feeling at home in your body and your soul with wisdom and insight retrieved from the journey. She will also teach participants how to use a gemstone talisman to enter into this space in the future. Live participants will receive their talisman with their purchase of the experience; virtual participants will have an opportunity to purchase theirs online at

Armand will then read and interpret the energetic in the room and the virtual space based on his trainings of ingenious Amazonian practices. This transformative experience will involve energy work, dialogue and teachings of his methodology, movement and mediation. Participants will be guided into a deeper moment of connection and alignment with the expression of their soul’s purpose in this life. While a group is gathering, this experience will be completely unique and experiential for you. That is the magic of indigenous practice: It is for the collective, and it is also for you alone.

Why Participate in Ritual

Indigenous rituals empower us to create meaning in our lives and explore our narrative of being. Ritual offers us a sense of belonging across space and time, both to those we sit in circle with as well as all the ancestors, ancients, and elders who have circled before us. Sacred community, such as Armand and Athena are building here, allows us to create new patterns, new stories, and a new way to live. If the mysteries are calling to you and you seek a deeper way into your spiritual work, join us for this rare opportunity to learn from and work with prominent spiritual leaders who bring ancient practices forward into modern life.

About the Speakers

Armand Bytton has been raised and trained in indigenous practices in the Amazon. He also holds Ph.D. degrees Psychology and Sociology from the University of San Martine in Lima, Peru. He has felt called to blend these modalities and create interactive experiential learning environments, or rituals, and has been working with individuals and organizations to create community based care for over 40 years. His global mission statement is to create moments of beauty and awe that generate love of self, other and the world.

Athena Perrakis was born and raised in the US but has familial roots in Greece that extend back to ancient times. She holds a Ph.D. degree in Education from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, California. She brings more than 25 years of ritual training, experience and teaching to her role as founder and CEO of Sage Goddess, through which she guides and mentors students around the world. Her intention is to build a sacred bridge between ancient practice and modern consciousness, reconnecting men and women with their deepest inner wisdom.