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Light Codes Class III: Transmuting Dark Code

If you are a light worker – someone that was born to bring healing to the planet – you absolutely won’t want to miss out on Part 3 of my series on Light Codes, in which we will be learning all about Dark Code. While Light Code was designed to create unity consciousness and bring forth healing, happiness, and prosperity, Dark Code exists to separate and fragment us, to keep us isolated in fear and anxiety. With darkness and negativity spreading across the world more and more every day, it is our job as light workers to learn to purify and transmute this energy, so that we may use it to serve the greater good.
In this exclusive class, I will teach you how to assess Dark Code in your own energetic field and give you the tools you’ll need to transmute it into usable white light. I will introduce four healing crystals to guide you in this work, and will provide you with daily practices you can use to keep your own auric field clear. It is an indisputable truth that where there is light, there is darkness – but darkness does not have to be feared. It is through acknowledging and understanding the darkness that we can become increasingly powerful as light workers, more equipped in our ability to heal ourselves and all around us. Fellow healers, the world needs us now more than ever. Will you join me on this journey?

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