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Dear sisters of the innermost sanctuary of my teaching, this month we move our attention to the energy centers of your body – the places and spaces where energy resides and sometimes get stuck, too. We need to honor and acknowledge the chakra centers in our bodies and appreciate their function in our broader vibrational field. We have to carefully and lovingly attend to these centers, lest they vibrate and turn in ways that slow their motion and clog their energy. Upper chakras should spin fast and free, while lower chakras should turn deeply and slowly but consistently and clearly. Opacity or interrupted movement are signs that a chakra is out of balance and alignment with the other energy centers. This can show up in your body as exhaustion, sadness, confusion, anger, and other low vibe emotions and sensations.

As you know, this year we have taken our work in Illumina deeper to explore quantum levels of awareness outside the traditional zone of metaphysical exploration. So even as we think about chakras (which means ‘wheels’ in Sanskrit) we must also think more deeply, more critically, and more holistically about what we mean by energy centers. One perspective on chakras that I find helpful is the ‘new’ map of 13 that includes additional energy centers for emotional memory storage, immune system regulation, and more. People who adhere to the 13-chakra model insist that the third eye is composed of two, not just one, energy centers – one for intuitive capacity and the other for your dreams and visions – the creations you manifest while they are in idea form. Again, this additional chakra is seen as storage for these visions and dreams while they incubate and await manifestation in the material.

Above your head, at the 12/13 center, is a joint energy center that unites the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, anchoring ancestral energies that have intertwined in that cosmic dance of creation for thousands of years. Here in this upper chakra you find the guidance you need in order to step more fully into your own feminine or masculine power. Or both! Of course the masculine and feminine are meant to unite on every level. You, then, are their divine union made manifest and this union is honored at chakra point 12-13.

I encourage you to explore divergent models and teachings relative to the concepts we ‘think’ we already know in order to discover what might be resonant addendums to what we have learned, ways to deepen our own intuitive connection to our bodies and spirits. I look forward to exploring this and much more with you in our June class meeting.