December 2017 Illumina Purchase

When we began our Illumina journey together the beginning of 2017, I shared my desire for you to bring ceremony and sacredness to your life, every day. Each month I shared correspondences to help you consider how recognizing, understanding, generating, applying, and celebrating vibrations and energies can change your life. The “Law of Correspondence” in Hermetic Alchemy teaches that in order to create something, you must apply equal or greater energy into the creation of that thing. Working with correspondences teaches you to observe, incorporate, direct, amplify, and embody this energy. All things carry their own unique vibration, and by invoking and combining energies, you can manifest your visions and goals – tapping into and harnessing the energy aligned with your desires – bringing them to life. Working with the flow, your sense of timing improves, decision-making and discrimination enhance, and you experience reconnection with natural law and magic all around and within you.

We find correspondences everywhere, and I encourage you to not limit yourself with the material here. Use everything we’ve explored together to go further, applying your knowledge in ever-growing circles and cycles. Uncovering the meaning of any situation can be a delightful treasure of discovery, and equally, a method of easing tension, pain, and confusion by getting beneath the surface – to the purpose, driving need, or old pattern. Correspondences open you to living as if in a dream – where symbols, images, feelings, and sounds tell a bigger story and represent greater themes and truths. You can choose to experience more as above, so below, and as within, so without.

In February, I shared the phases of the moon, the moon through the zodiac signs, color correspondences, and energetic modalities (cardinal, fixed, and mutable). March was days of the week, ceremony, and the 8 Sabbats (points of the year). Activation and potentiation of DNA, invocation, and directional correspondences took us through April. May focused on zodiacal correspondences – you can access my free videos on the astrological signs for even more information. Chakras and planetary correspondences rounded out June and July. In August, we delved deeply into gods and goddesses. We got so enthralled with the shadow, dreams, and Pluto, that we spent September and October with this transformative material. Finally, in November, we added the North Node of the Moon, which represents your destiny and path of spiritual evolution. Armed with this wisdom, at any point in time, you can access meaning and guidance for yourself, and others. You can share the inherent power and beauty of energy, in its many forms and facets – and use it to make a positive difference.

As we prepare to journey into 2018, I want you to know I am so proud of you. Your commitment to growth, honesty, community, and devotion to, and exploration of, the Mystery, through Pillars of Priestessing, Sanctum, and Illumina is impressive. Because you have taken the time to raise your consciousness and awareness and apply these principles in the world, more doors are open, and more love abounds. You take the magic often limited to stories of old, minor curiosities, and fantastical thinking, and weave it in into your daily life, with tangible results and reverence.

2018 is a 2 Universal Year, reducing from 11. It will be an emotionally charged year, as 11 energy is intuitive, emotionally conscious, and visionary, and 2 is gentle and peace-loving. We will feel more collectively, and may find our hearts touched in new ways. This new year promises a new direction, and you are now equipped to use this powerful emotional motivation from a place of grounded centeredness. Once feeling confirms and feeds thoughts and ideas, action is close ahead, because the heart will not be denied. We will need to use all resources available to shift this planet into desperately needed healing and good stewardship. 2 is the number of the High Priestess in the Tarot and 2018 is rooted in the power of the Divine Feminine. The High Priestess represents a time of lunar consciousness and remembering that which unites us, right down to the bones and blood of our bodies. As a symbol of conception, the High Priestess and the 2 Universal Year herald fertility and the tender, vulnerable stage of earliest gestation.

Astrologically, the High Priestess (2 Universal Year) corresponds with the moon. As we embark on the journey of 2018, we can look to the moon for guidance and greater understanding of our purpose and energy during this time. The moon is the triple goddess – the maiden, mother, and crone, in all her forms. She can be nurturing and devouring. She holds the ancestral memories of time in her flesh, bones and blood. The moon teaches us to feel, and to trust our intuition. This year of the moon challenges us to develop more emotional self sufficiency – to adequately meet our own needs by discovering and supplying that which truly feeds us, on all levels. The High Priestess is intimately connected with the feminine water element, which gives her access to a deep reservoir of inner wisdom, psychic ability, and potential to bring forth all the magic of the Old Ways.

On January 2, Uranus will turn direct in the sign of Aries, and the liberation you’ve been desiring will have more agency. During Uranus’ retrograde (since August 2017), we’ve had the opportunity to rework and re-visit what it means to be free, unique, and revolutionary. You may have a much greater sense of what has held you back, and how you can set yourself free. Come January 2, go for it! Be yourself for yourself! When you give yourself freedom, you inspire and invigorate everything around you with new potential. Aries is the sign of the pioneer, warrior, and initiator, and as it infuses Uranus, giver of freedom from the known, we can collectively and individually charge forward with a radical new sense of self. We can bring forth a better, more authentic version of ourselves and change the world.

Use correspondences to reconnect you with your intuition and the images imprinted upon your soul. Use the days, moon phases and signs, seasons and Wheel of the Year, the breadth of astrology, elements and directions to set intentions, execute your goals, and celebrate the wonders of life. Pay attention to colors, vibrations of crystals and stones, essence of plants, the great animal nations, chakras and the energy in your own being. Remember and re-immerse yourself in mythology – the stories that transcend all time, for we know stories are the truth that is fiction. Follow your heart, your destiny, and your Spirit, invoking the assistance of all beings and entities of love and light, being open to whatever forms they may take.

As we end this part of our journey together, I thank you, from the deepest part of my heart. It has been an honor to explore the mysteries and magic of life together. May you be blessed in all that you do, and carry the love and support of our sisterhood for all time. Amen, A’ho, and So it is.