My Yuletide Blessing For You


My Yuletide Blessing For You

A personal invocation to share for Winter Solstice and the holiday season

My friends, my peers, and beloveds near and far,

This weekend is most special, as it marks the start of the sacred festival of Yule. I hope during this time of rest and reflection you look back upon a year of many blessings. There is an energy of high emotions coursing through these days … an amalgam for me anyway of joy, stress, bittersweetness, nostalgia…. I feel them all within me and see reflections of them in each of you. I encourage you all to pull inward and nourish your soul with the people and places you love most. Whatever makes you feel most in touch with your Highest Self, that is YOUR gift to indulge in this holiday season. For me, I take extra time to meditate, snuggle up with my kids and read, and put extra care into holding space for my community at Sage Goddess. My heart is filled with gratitude when I look back on my year and all the blessings I’ve been gifted. For all the beautiful energy I’ve received from each of you, my wish is only to return it to you three-fold.

This year for the holidays, whether you celebrate Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, or any sacred day, my wish for you is wisdom, joy, and faith. No matter how abundant your gifts and gatherings are, faith will light up the darkness of the longest nights.

As a gift to you and yours, I share this Yuletide blessing in hopes that it will inspire you to embrace the true meaning of the season.

Warm wishes of love and pure magic,