A Christmas wish for you and yours


A Christmas wish for you and yours

I hope the Christmas and Yule season has been a blessing to you this year. For many, it’s a time of extreme emotions – stress, joy, loneliness. The medicine of winter is a constant reminder to pull inward and take good care of yourself. All around us are mirrors in nature of self-care; animals retreating, hibernating, bracing the cold air with thickened coats and reinforced shelter. I find that my own ‘thickened coat’ of winter, which allows me to move through the season with deep grace, is my belief in magic. I am trying to raise my children with that coat of belief. I also try to impart that spirit of belief to everyone who is touched by Sage Goddess as part of my broader mission to return your sense of childlike wonder about the world around you.

Last night, my 5 year-old son questioned the ‘reality’ of Santa Claus. “I’m just not sure he’s really real, Mama.” I responded with a simple thought: “Santa is as much a spirit as he is a person. The whole world feels different on Christmas Eve when the sun goes down. And that different feeling is the magic of belief and anticipation – the knowing that something wonderful awaits us at sunrise.” The truth is, something wonderful awaits you at every sunrise. Magic is trusting it will come, and joy comes from being present enough in the moment to appreciate it. So much of magic is the act of noticing.

Believe Gift LabelThis Christmas, whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not, my wish for you Dear One is that you notice and believe.

As you believe, so you become. And no matter how many sparkly gifts are wrapped under your tree this year, let your heart be full of presents and presence. Be the spark of faith for others in your life. Tell everyone you see today that magic is real and see how much of that belief comes back to you in the form of blessings beyond your wildest dreams.

With love on this day of peace, generosity, and joy –
to you, and to yours.


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