7 Days of Skulls for Manifesting Magic This Halloween


7 Days of Skulls for Manifesting Magic This Halloween

A crystal skull ritual to deepen your metaphysical practice this Samhain season

Today’s newest offering: Hematite skulls for grounding and surrendering to the Universe.

I’ve been offering crystal and gemstone skulls at Sage Goddess for years now, and many of you have asked me why – what magic do they hold, how do I use them, what purpose do they serve in ritual. For me, skulls remind us of our common humanity – one day, you will return to this form and nourish the Earth with your very being. You will become one of the ancestors, the skulls remind us. This is a truth not to be feared but to be respected and acknowledged. Crystal and gemstone skulls bring the magical properties of their essence to this sacred form and help deepen your ancestral wisdom and connection via truth, peace, prosperity, courage, etc. depending on the type of gemstone skull you choose.

Historically, the ritualistic use of skulls dates back to pre-Columbian Mesoamerica, but crystal skulls gained particular popularity due to the infamous Mitchell-Hedges

Skull. In 1924, well-known adventurer F.S. Mitchell-Hedges brought his young daughter on a excavation trip to Beliz, where she discovered a crystal skull buried amongst the dirt and rubble. Many stories were told of the skull’s supernatural powers. Those stories of mystery and spirit connection endure today, but are particularly relevant and prolific at the end of the Celtic year near Samhain and Dia de los Muertos when, as we say, death is present to all of us.

There are many ways you can use skulls in ritual. In the home, placing skulls in the 4 corners of a room seals and grounds the energy of the space, which is helpful for productivity. Wearing skull emblems or jewelry is also a way to harness their spiritual benefits. I prefer to work with one skull at a time, and for most work I use a crystal Quartz skull, which they say connects you to all other Quartz skulls on the planet via an energetic web or matrix. But as you can see from the photo above, my personal skull collection contains a variety of pieces from around the world and I’m always collecting new skulls from my travels. I’ve become a collector and hope you will enjoy collecting them too.

But how do you use a skull? Well, many people use skulls for manifestation efforts, to support an unfolding project or idea. If you feel called to work with the skull’s manifestation powers, here is a ritual you can do in your own sacred space:

  1. Write an intention on a piece of paper, something specific you want to actualize on the physical plane. I recommend you do this on or around the new moon.
  2. Once you’ve written your intention, place it under a carved skull with a candle and any crystals you have that support your specific desires and needs.
  3. Light your candle and begin to meditate on this intention. Visualize your 3rd eye connecting with the 3rd eye of the skull. Ask for guidance on the steps to take to bring your intention into the physical world. Hold space for any expression of wisdom that comes through.
  4. Offer gratitude for the messages you receive, call yourself back and extinguish your candle. Carry the smaller stones with you as talismans and transmitters of this wisdom.

Today I am launching a very exciting series, 7 Days of Skulls! Every morning for the next 7 days I will be releasing a different crystal skull to the Sage Goddess shop. Perhaps one will call to you, or you may want to collect them all so you can use their collective energy in your rituals. I hope these suggestions inspire you to embrace your humanity and your ancestors with greater passion, courage, and gratitude. As the veil becomes thin, may these skulls offer you their ancient wisdom. So it is.

Day 1: Hematite Skull
Day 2: Larvikite Skull
Day 3: African Turquoise Skull
Day 4: Unakite Jasper Skull
Day 5: Que Sera Skull
Day 6: Black Obsidian Skull
Day 7: Picture Jasper Skull