Activating the Power of Gratitude

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Activating the Power of Gratitude

Gratitude. Appreciation. The simple act of giving thanks, acknowledging to the Universe that you
are truly and gratefully surrounded by blessings. It’s such a simple process and yet most of us
struggle with gratitude; we get so caught up wishing for things we don’t have, that we lose sight
of how much we’ve already been given. We’ve been given a lot.

In energetic terms, “Thank You” is the most powerful phrase you can utter. Those two words
launch the entire cycle of abundance, so if you want more, begin right there. I often smile when I
think about how our benevolent universe works. I imagine all the angels singing when we give
thanks. In a sea of people who just want, want, want how refreshing these offerings of gratitude
must seem to the Divine. The reality is, sometimes it’s hard to be thankful – especially when life
is hurling challenge after challenge your way. But even in those moments you have things to be
grateful for. Even if it’s as basic as your very life force. I always say, if you’re breathing, give
thanks for your breath.

When I was in Hawaii last month, I was moved deeply by the notion of mana and life force.
When you look at the subtle ecosystems of the islands, you see a symphony of gratitude.
Hawaii vibrates at the calm and ancient frequency of the Great Mother continent Mu; the
Hawaiian islands of today are the only remaining part still above water. In all places on the
islands, the four elements unite and connect, dissolving barriers between space and time.
Within the air, there is water; within the earth, there is fire. You are always walking with the
elements, held in a liminal space that summons you to let go of rigid ways of knowing and being
in the world. There, the entire Universe dances and releases what isn’t serving Mother Earth.
Her rains wash away the debris of time and sadness. Her fires burn through what is old and
constraining. Her breezes blow across the land and move energy in stagnant places, a forced
purification. Hawaii’s sacred places, the kapu altars of old magic, are interspersed between
resorts and beaches, designated with simple ropes and bricks. The old ways are all around you
here. Magic isn’t reserved or designated for special ceremonies and holidays; magic just is.
Magic is.

All life on the islands bows in gratitude to the rain. Water is the queen of the elements here, and
rain her hallowed vehicle; when Ua comes from the sky, it is sacred offering. All becomes quiet,
all becomes still when the rains arrive, and life returns to its constant hum and movement when
they subside. We have forgotten what it is like to bow in silence before power; in Hawaii, even
the tiniest of creatures bows before nature, the greatest power of all. Hawaii shows me, every
time I go there, how much gratitude rests within each of us. It is our choice whether or not we
honor it daily. It is our choice to speak the words or not.

When you honor and give thanks for the land, when you accept her power and force of nature,
you receive the mana – or life force – and are welcomed into the circle. When you honor the
ancestors who have lived and died in these places, you sense their mana still very much alive in
the trees and on the winds. You bow to them; they bow to you.

All of these realizations that came to me in Hawaii have inspired my new line of products. I
wanted to provide you – my beloved customers and friends – with tools to inspire your rituals and
sacred practices and honor the act of giving thanks. You can use these products when you
journal about, or meditate on, what you are grateful for in your life, focusing on the positive
energies of healing, compassion, kindness, generosity, and life force. Let them flow through and
out of you back into the Universe, where they will surely come back in the great Karmic cycle.

When you practice these rituals, concentrate on sending out the energy that you would like
yourself to receive – the blessings of prosperity, health, a peaceful life rich with spiritual rewards
and full of Source’s love. When you actively dedicate yourself to creating and experiencing this
energy, channeling it through you, and sending it out everywhere you go, in everything that you
do, you can expect to have magic happen in your life. You won’t have to seek magic; magic will
seek you.

For the next seven weeks, I will be offering you a series of power stones paired with a brand
new line of perfume samples, all crafted with fragrance oils from the Hawaiian islands and
named after various aspects of what I’ve named the Gratitude Cycle. This process will be called
7 Weeks of Gratitude, which I am launching to honor different aspects of Hawaii’s magical and
benevolent energy. These perfumes were inspired by the mana, rituals, flow, history, tradition,
nature, and love force of Hawaii that resonate so powerfully with me. Each power stone’s
energy will align with the theme of its partner perfume. Use these large polished palm stones
during your nighttime ritual, when you do your meditation or journaling exercises, focusing on
what you are grateful for in your life, and what it is that you would like to manifest. You may
massage your stone with the magical fragrances, or you may anoint your body as much or as
little as you like. But the stone and perfume are meant to be used in sacred synergy; their
energies combine with yours to manifest a greater level of awareness. And all you have to do to
unlock this potential is say the magic words: “Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.” It’s as simple
and profound as that.

Stay tuned for my weekly offerings, dear ones, and don’t forget to take a moment each day to
give thanks for the abundance you have. So shall the cycle of love, abundance, and magic
begin anew in your life.

With warm Aloha,



Week 1: Nguni Jasper Power Stone and Mana Perfume
Week 2: Kambaba Jasper Power Stone and Kahuna Perfume
Week 3: Indigo Goldstone Power Stone and Makea Perfume
Week 4: Sodalite Power Stone and Amakua Perfume
Week 5: Angel Wing Fossil Power Stone and Hula Perfume
Week 6: Mookaite Jasper Power Stone and Lei Perfume
Week 7: Rose Quartz Power Stone and Aloha Perfume

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  1. Dear Athena,

    I am sure you know of ho’oponoopono mantra with says I Love you , I am sorry, Please forgive me, Thank you……Sounds like you had a beautiful time in Hawaii and intend to purchase all 7 weeks of stones with perfume. It reminds me of this mantra that I use to say all the time. I think I will start again:) thanks Athena ~ all my best ~ Rhonda

  2. So far I have only been able to get one of these stones for my wife due to shortage of stones before I get paid will you be getting any more she loves these different stones Athena suggests they have brought her much comfort she is going thru hard times these days

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