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June Gem Wise Class:

Magic of China


Descendants of the Dragon

The Chinese people call themselves the descendants of the dragon, and they say that dragon blood flows through their veins. The Chinese people embody the different aspects of the dragon and Chinese celebrations always include and honor this powerful, wise, and protective creature who brings good luck, wealth, and robust health. The dragon truly seems to hold a wide range of powers and one ancient Chinese story tells of an Emperor defeating and uniting nine kingdoms. He is said to have combined their totems (his was the snake) into one: the magnificent dragon.

Two of the earliest Chinese Emperors, Yandi, and Huangdi are both legendary for their close relation to the dragon. Yandi is said to have been born from his mother’s telepathy with a mythic dragon. At his death, Huangdi is storied to have immortalized into a dragon before his ascension into Heaven. Yandi (“the Flame Emperor”) and Huangdi (“The Yellow Emperor”) are known as the ancient ancestors of modern China, naturally connecting the dragon into its genealogical roots.

Carved jade dragons have been excavated at sites of the Hongshan culture, dating back to 4500-3000 BCE, far before any written records of the dragon appeared. Dragons appear in the mythology of many ancient cultures but nowhere else in the world was the creature quite so revered as in China. There, in marked contrast to other world legends, the dragon was almost always seen in a positive light and particularly associated with life-giving rains and water sources.

  • Discussion Question: How is the dragon speaking to you? Do you imagine mythological creatures as your ancestors?

Stones of the Power and Fortune of the Dragon

Each of the stones chosen for this month’s class represents an element of the dragon: good fortune, protection and healing, wisdom and power, bringer of life-giving water, and the dragon itself.

Congo Citrine

Planet:  Sun
Zodiac: Gemini, Aries, Libra, Leo
Element: Fire
Quality: Masculine
Chakra: Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus

Congo citrine represents the dragon as a bringer of wealth and good fortune; the magnificent symbol of luck. Natural and untreated citrine is becoming harder and harder to find as supply is mined up and vendors are turning to heat treatments of amethyst, which yields a dark yellow stone that is beautiful but doesn’t have the same metaphysical properties of citrine. The citrine in your Gem Wise set this month is 100% natural, untreated citrine from the Congo region of Africa. Congo citrine is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone that continually transforms your energy and any negativity into positivity. It infuses your core, vibrations, and intentions with love, abundance, balance, and stability. Citrine is one of the rare stones that does not hold any negative energy. Its purifying properties come from smoky quartz energy because it comes from a pocket near the Congo where both smoky quartz and citrine grow together. Citrine depletes and transmutes negative energy, clearing space and “the way” on a multitude of levels. Citrine never needs clearing and is a bright bringer of light and happiness.

Known as the “merchant’s stone”, citrine placed in a cash register or in a place of business is known to attract abundance and to maintain wealth once established. Citrine draws money like a magnet and protects investments and profit. Citrine activates the Root and Sacral Chakras along with the Solar Plexus. This combination of willpower, creativity, optimism, and physical energy motivate you to start using your imagination and then to make things happen! Citrine is the perfect ally if you’re trying to start a business. Simply placing a piece near your computer or next to your desk can instill you with powerful passion and a firm sense of deserving the life you want to create. Sleeping with citrine will stimulate your dreams when you set the intention to meditate on ways to start, grow, and sustain a business or project.

  • Discussion Question: In what ways do you most long to be wealthy?

Dragon Stone (Dragon’s Blood Jasper)

Planet: Pluto
Zodiac: Virgo
Element: Earth
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Root, Heart

Dragon’s Stone (Dragon’s Blood Jasper) represents the Dragon’s ability to offer protection from illnesses and disease. This stone is a potent healer, known to purify the blood which leads to relief from dis-ease in many forms. Dragon’s Stone is associated with transformative healing, including cellular repatterning, right down to the DNA. This gem has proven to effectively dispel negativity from the external environment and from the mind. Dragon Stone will help you release worry and let go of stress, allowing greater emotions to cascade through your body – like happiness and love.

Dragon Stone holds millions of years of Earth wisdom and protects you with its shielding energy. As a wild creature, the Dragon is not bound by the rules we humans impose upon ourselves and other animals. Just like its namesake, Dragon’s Stone vibrates with a frequency that helps you rise above old ways, moving on mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically, into realms that support your true essence. It also evokes a fierceness and loyalty to your intentions, helping you to keep going, even through intense and drawn-out commitments.

  • Discussion Question: What kind of healing is Dragon Stone offering you?

Chinese Jade June 2018 Gem Wise Set- Power and Fortune of the Dragon 5_17 Featured

Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Aries, Gemini, Taurus, Libra
Element: Earth
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Heart

Chinese jade represents the Chinese Dragon itself, as it is from this gem that the oldest dragon carvings were made. Green jade is highly valued throughout Asia, especially in China. As the symbol of Chi or Life Force, the dragon is considered one of the most powerful representations of good fortune and is representative of new beginnings, primordial power, and mastery of the elements. Green jade promotes the growth of Chi as it carries and vibrates with the Life Force energy of Earth. It is capable of bringing this force of natural life into all environments. Jade is known as the stone of good luck and prosperity, and a stone of balance and success. It brings forth strength, renewal, and endurance.

Associated with the Heart Chakra, green jade facilitates heart healing, peace, balance, and emotional stability. Jade is also known as a “dream stone” and assists with dream recall, bringing dreams to life, and in a healthy release of emotional energy during Dreamtime. Keeping a piece of jade under your pillow is an invitation for the joy and beauty of dreams to flow – to flow from the unconscious into consciousness and into manifest form. Jade has a particular auspicious quality of health which permeates throughout the physical body, mind, emotional body, and spirit. Its health qualities carry into maintaining a healthy supply and quality of resources. Chinese jade is a true stone of abundance. It brings tranquility, wisdom, and growth – in both the financial and spiritual realms.

  • Discussion Question: Are you loving life? Are you in the flow?


Planet: Feminine
Zodiac: Aries, Cancer, Sagittarius
Element: Storm
Quality: Jupiter
Chakra: All

Tektite, a natural meteoric glass from outer space represents the wisdom and power of the dragon. Some people believe tektite originates from our Moon or the planet Mars. Scientists debate whether it is truly meteorite or a blending of Earthly and extraterrestrial material. The name tektite comes from the Greek word tektos, meaning “molten”. Tektite is found strewn across fields of the world, but the greatest source is in fields of China and Indochina. Tektite brings the magical qualities of its origin, which often remains a mystery. When we encounter mystery, the excitement, and optimism of potential abound. Working with your tektite will provide ample opportunity to develop a relationship with it and its home. As you spend the time to connect, you will receive the gifts it wants to offer.

Tektite can raise our vibrational levels and expand our energy fields and consciousness. It heightens psychic sensitivity and clairaudient experiences. As an otherworldly gem, tektite is well known for aiding and expediting connection with extraterrestrials and all dimensions. It can thin the veil, giving us greater access to what is beyond the perception of our traditional senses. A powerful ally in learning, tektite opens and strengthens connections with various knowledge sources. It will also strengthen your energy field and support your body in integrating high-frequency energies. Tektite kindles inner strength required to choose the best course of action in any given circumstance and encourages follow-through to completion.

  • Discussion Question: Are you ready for wisdom that can change your reality?

Natural Chrysocolla

Planet: Venus
Zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Taurus
Element: Water
Quality: Feminine
Chakra: Throat, Heart, Root

The Chinese revere the dragon as the bringer of life-giving water. Natural Chrysocolla represents this vital aspect, and as a cardinal Water gem, chrysocolla is well aligned with the flow of renewing and life-giving energy. It is a stone of the Goddess, alive with ancient feminine empowerment. Chrysocolla carries the energy of stillness, quiet strength, and purification. It embodies potentialities unrealized. It is yielding, formless, yet powerful. The Water element brings the power of regeneration and rebirth. It is the energy of the circle of life. Chrysocolla is a wonderful tool for repose, calm reflection, and prayer.

Highly regarded as a facilitator for the clear expression of inner wisdom, chrysocolla is used to enhance communication, evoking profound thoughts and truths. Known as the “teaching stone”, this gentle gem has a way of helping us bring forth knowledge that makes a significant impact on others. In sharing our insights and experiences, Chrysocolla helps us choose the most effective words to convey the message of our hearts. It is even known to open a channel for divinely inspired speech. Chrysocolla is the stone of freedom: sexual freedom, freedom from oppression, creative freedom, financial freedom, emotional freedom, and perhaps most important of all, freedom to be yourself. It helps you to find your voice in the world. It will set you free and help you know where to go next. And all the while, chrysocolla encourages you to release anxiety and fear and to express yourself authentically – in silence and with sound, as the moment calls.

  • Discussion Question: How are you bringing life-giving water to the world around you?

Acrylic Grid

To channel the power and fortune of the dragon and the magic of these stones, this acrylic grid was designed with special Chinese symbols. An image of the dragon itself is at the center of the grid. This representation is similar to the dragons found on ancient tapestries, clothing, jewelry, and other artifacts. The symbol of prosperity lies behind the dragon, as the dragon embodies abundance. Place your Chinese jade in the center of the grid, right at the heart of the dragon. Each corner of the grid is engraved with a symbol that corresponds with the other gems in your set. Place your tektite on the symbol for Wisdom in the upper left corner. Place your congo citrine on the symbol for Wealth and Good Fortune in the lower right corner. Place your dragon stone on the symbol for Protection in the lower left corner. Place your chrysocolla on the symbol for Water in the upper right corner.

  • Discussion Question: Do you have a new image of the dragon – different than you had before working with these gems?