Full Moon Ritualists Facebook Group

Sage Goddess Full Moon Ritualists is a community of members who attend the monthly live full moon rituals held by Sage Goddess on Spreecast. We have three community rules. Anyone who breaks these rules will be removed from the group without notice and their posts will be deleted.

1) Stay in the light and treat everyone here with respect, the way you would treat a member of your own family or close friend.The energy of our group has to be positive and high in order to raise vibrations for the highest good of our members. Be kind and watch your tone. In an online environment, tone can distort the meaning of your words. If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything!

2) Do not post links to products you sell or offer your services to members of the group, even if your services are free. Unfortunately, “free” services often lead to an upsell for “paid” services or come from unreliable sources and as holder of this space, can be construed as services I support when I don’t. Direct AND indirect sales are forbidden (indirect includes “PM me” type offers, which are still attempts to sell).

3) If you are in need of prayer or spiritual support, please offer your request on our Prayer Wednesday post. While we want to honor your needs and requests, our group has occasionally been overrun by them. In order to support you and keep the space focused on its original intention, we offer the Prayer Wednesday post. You can search for it in the box at the top of the page if you can’t find it.