Create your Terrarium

How to Create Your Terrarium

A terrarium is similar to an aquarium, but for an earthy landscape rather than a seascape. Use your glass container and included tools to manifest your own vision of Lemuria. The ancient continent of Mu has always fascinated me. Lemuria was once a thriving civilization on this now largely submerged landmass, and its citizens were deeply evolved, technologically advanced, and emotionally connected. My wish is for your terrarium to bring you to your place of highest intuitive connection and ground you in deep spiritual self-reflection, connecting you with the Mother civilization of Lemuria, and aligning you with its ancient, healing energy.

Since Hawaii is the only remaining part of Mu that is still above water, I provided you with island-inspired tools to make your own magical land. Place the sand, shell, and Lemurian quartz point inside your glass ornament however you are called to do so. The purpose of this ritual is to get your creative juices flowing. There is no right or wrong way to make your terrarium. Follow your instincts, your flow, and have fun! Artistic expression is a beautiful, magical practice, and it’s important to make time for the free expression your soul craves. You can play with polarities and different navigational directions with the position of your sacred tools.

As you get ready for meditation, wear your opalite dolphin pendant to connect with dolphin energy, which represents harmony, balance, evolved intelligence, and playful fun. Spray your Pikake perfume to surround yourself in the scent of blooming Hawaiian jasmine flowers. You can read the Desiderata poem to inspire your meditation if you desire.

Meditate under your suspended terrarium to perform the powerful, transcendent work that you were born to fulfill.

And don’t forget to post a picture of your terrarium with the hashtag #SGdesiderata. I can’t wait to see all of your unique creations, and read about what kind of energies they bring to you.

And so it is,