New Moon Solar Eclipse – Shadow of Light

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New Moon Solar Eclipse – Shadow of Light

On August 21, we will experience a new moon in Leo and a full solar eclipse. A solar eclipse occurs when the moon’s shadow crosses Earth’s surface (whereas a lunar eclipse occurs when the moon moves into the shadow of the Earth). Both events are shadow occasions, which means that they reveal to us what is hidden. A solar eclipse reveals what is hidden from you in your conscious, waking life and asks the question, “What do you need to know right now about your life that is currently obscured from your view?”

In spiritual circles, we reinforce the importance at times like this of being honest, not keeping secrets, as the things you try to hide will be revealed now – either with your assistance or despite it. Better for you to be in control of what is known about you and your actions. If you’ve been hiding something, get ahead of it now and tell those affected by your secrets. The Universe abhors secrets. To the Universe, the only sanctioned mystery is its own.

New moon in Leo brings a fiery clarity and strong will to create, forge, birth, begin. Fixed fire energies mean that you will want to pursue your goals whether they are aligned with the collective good or not. The eclipse is our check mechanism. If your goals are not in alignment with the collective good they will be thwarted now. If they are in alignment with the collective good, you’ll experience fast and sure success. It all depends on your intentions and your actions over the past few months.

When the sky goes dark, we still gaze in awe as our ancestors did many thousands of years ago. We now have a much deeper and more nuanced understanding of eclipse phenomena, and yet even with this wisdom, we still find ourselves entranced and enchanted. Use this time to become very clear and very transparent about your intentions, your dealings, and your relationships. My favorite saying, “Let go or be dragged,” comes into focus now. Either get right, get aligned, or prepared for a series of challenging days ahead. The choice is yours.

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  1. I live in the path of totality! I am so excited for this once in a lifetime event!

  2. im going for it, my community is hurting, my children are struggling, i have a plan please pray for me as i set these intentions as it will involve consignment to bring it home.. create….aho…congrats on all Athena and teams success and may it grow and grow…thanks for everything you have tought me…peace

    1. NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE – SHADOW OF LIGHT …when will these full kits com available? I cant fibd any that are available.
      Please advise ASAP,
      Sharri Stailey-Floyd, LMT, CRM, CCT, CCH, CAN
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      Magical Blessings to you and yours,

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