Flower of Life Meditation for Universal Love


Flower of Life Meditation for Universal Love

Channel the Ancient Power of Sacred Geometry for Heart Healing and Forgiveness

What inspires my magical practice most is the profound awareness of the interconnectedness of all life. We are, truly, one. Sacred geometry inspires this realization within me, and through this blog I invite you to meditate upon the universal truths contained within these patterns of creation.

What is Sacred Geometry?

Basic structural patterns are found throughout the Universe on every level of existence. Shapes, images, and the mathematical ratios that make up these structures are found everywhere in nature, spanning from the structure of our DNA to the movement of planets and birth of stars in our cosmos. And what fascinates me about sacred geometry most is that it offers a way to understand our universe as well as our place within it. The word geometry itself contains a hint to its significance; “geo” means Earth, and “metron” means “measurement.” So sacred geometry is our means to measure the elements making up our world. At the center of every geometric structure is the force of creation: Spirit. Before matter there was Source. All spiritual and religious traditions adhere to this one fundamental principle.

The Flower of Life

Of all the sacred geometric forms, the one that speaks to me most is the Flower of Life. At first glance, the pattern itself is aesthetically enchanting – its shape is comprised of repeated circles rotating around a center axis, 13 circles to be exact, contained within a circular boundary called the Zona Pelucida. This image has been found in artifacts across every major ancient culture, portrayed exactly the same way, even in cultures that had no connection or means of communicating with each other. China, India, Egypt, Ireland, Turkey… the list goes on and on. All working with this pattern.

Spiritually, the Flower of Life represents the blueprint of creation and our connection to Spirit, Mother Earth, and all living beings across all time. In this shape, beyond just creation, I find gratitude, forgiveness, and love. I’d like to share a simple meditation practice you can use to activate the energy of the Flower of Life within yourself.

Flower of Life Meditation:

  1. Begin your meditation by lighting your Flower of Life Candle. Find a comfortable seat in your sacred space, either cross-legged on a pillow or sitting upright in a chair.
  1. The Flower of Life connects every spirit and all matter to each other through the energy of union and Divine love. All beings deserve compassion because we are connected. For this meditation, close your eyes and call to mind someone who needs your love and compassion, perhaps someone in your life you have difficulty forgiving. Holding this person in your mind’s eye, and visualize a tiny Flower of Life growing from your sacrum – the core of your creative force. Let it blossom out from within you, encompassing your entire body in its outer ring. Then, let it expand further, drawing your decided person into the flower with you. Let it grow bigger and bigger, until it holds within it the entire globe. Picture loving energy coursing from your body and around all the circles in the Flower. Feel your spirit and your cells activate and connect with every being, uniting your heart with the person you brought into this meditation, and send them acceptance and forgiveness. They are a part of you, a part of everything that is.
  1. When you feel yourself in this state of connection, send gratitude to the Flower of Life for working with you. Slowly wiggle your fingers and toes until you return to awareness. Gently blow out your candle, and stand with a grounded sense of grace and knowing.
  1. When you rise, try to maintain this sense of love throughout your day.  As you encounter challenges, remember to have compassion for the people and the resources you engage with. Eat your meals with kindness, speak with kindness, and offer yourself the same. Even you and your food sit within the Flower of Life.

This explanation is just the beginning of a rich field of information. If you feel drawn to this study, I encourage you to explore it further. This video is a great place to start.

The flower in me sees the flower in you, and for that I am grateful.

Blessed be,


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