5 Magical Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

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5 Magical Ways to Celebrate Mother’s Day

Following the sacred path of motherhood is one of the most powerful choices we can make as women. We wouldn’t be here if not for our beloved mothers – the women who conceived, carried, and birthed us into existence – and in this way, we will always hold a magical connection with the ones who gave us life.

This Mother’s Day, you may plan on celebrating your own mother who gave life to you, the wife who mothered your children, your daughter who is now a mother herself, or any woman in your life who is also a mother. This year, I’m calling on you to honor them all and to celebrate your own inner well of Mother magic as well. Here are five special ways to celebrate the Divine Feminine on this beautiful and sacred day.

1. Give her the gift of craft
There is something so enchanting about receiving something that was handcrafted with love and intent. This Mother’s Day, take time to make something for the special female figure in your life. It could be a painting, a meal, or a piece of sacred jewelry – whatever it is that you choose to create, take your time with it and enjoy the process. Infuse whatever you’re making with energies of tenderness, nurturing, support, and kindness; the recipient is sure to feel the love! I personally love crafting things with my daughter Zoe, whether it’s beaded jewelry or woven flower crowns. Making something together is such a beautiful way to connect and revel together in the magic of creation.

2. Gather your tribe
I absolutely love it when women gather. Imagine: generations of women – great-grandmothers, grandmothers, mothers, and children – coming together as one. Such pure and powerful magic. So why not celebrate this upcoming Mother’s Day with all of the special women and girls in your life? Come together for a day of food and festivities, in celebration of the Divine Feminine that exists within each of you – the sacred force that is shared amongst you all. Women are so powerful, and we’re even more powerful when we come together.

3. Join in meditation
Meditating is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with my magic and rejuvenate my spirit – and I absolutely love sharing this healing experience with others. This Mother’s Day, ask your family to join you in meditation or prayer. Propose that as you meditate together, you each focus your energy on calling in energies of love, unity, kindness, and compassion to culminate between you, protecting you and supporting you in all that you do. Some members of your family may be new to meditation – in this case, one of my guided meditations would be a perfect tool to incorporate.

4. Connect with the original mother – Mother Earth
Mother’s Day is a perfect time to connect with the ultimate Divine Feminine force: Mother Earth. Just a couple of weeks ago, we celebrated Earth Day – but I believe that it’s always a good idea to honor our beloved Gaia. So skip the restaurant this year and gather your tribe for a day in the sunshine! There are so many ways to show reverence for Mother Earth: eat lunch on the grass together, go for a hike, or work in the garden. Spend time outdoors and show gratitude for the blessings, support, and love that this planet continually gives us. Trust me – your spirit, and the Earth’s spirit will thank you.

5. Reminisce
One of my favorite things to do with my mother is looking at old photos and seeing the ways in which she, and I, have grown over the years. This Mother’s Day, reminisce on the amazing woman that your mother was (and still is!) by going through old photo albums – or, gather with your children and show them what their mom used to look like before they were born! Reminiscing is such a fun and heartfelt way to share this day. Give thanks for the memories you and your family have shared together, and open your heart to the ones that are to come.

However you choose to spend your Mother’s Day, I’m sending you all of my love and blessings. May you spend this day in reverence of the Divine Feminine magic from which this world was born, and may that magic be with you always.

All My Love,

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