How to Use Your Sacred Sage Goddess Tools

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How to Use Your Sacred Sage Goddess Tools

Always go with your intuition

So many people ask me HOW to use the sacred Sage Goddess tools they buy and collect. It’s important to use them, and not just put them in a drawer or cabinet where they can’t be appreciated or experienced. Gems, perfumes, candles, and smudges are meant to take the journey with you! Remember, all tools emit energetic vibrations that impact how you sense, feel, and move in your space. To help you get the most out of your work with them, here are some tips for working with your sacred tools. I hope they inspire you! And remember, this is an intention based practice and there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to work with your tools. Work with them as you feel called or inspired to, and most of all have fun with your work.

How to use Sage Goddess magically crafted candles

Magically crafted candles like mine are similar to other candles you burn in your home except they are made at specific moon phases for specific purposes, hand-wrapped with gems and my artisan perfumes. I create my candles with many layers of magic; this strengthens your intentions. Some sites and people will tell you to burn them in very specific ways (every day, for a certain number of minutes per day). My rule of thumb is to use them regularly when you are working on that specific intention or purpose. I like to meditate on my purpose for a few minutes each evening, and I generally light my magical candles only when I am working on that particular issue. I offer a more in depth look at candle magic here.

First, open your circle and focus on your intention. Then read the candle blessing aloud and light your candle. Keep it lit while you do the work connected to the particular candle. Gaze into the flame as you meditate if you feel called to work with the fire. Never leave your candle burning unsupervised, and always on a heat-proof plate or dish. When not in use, I keep all of my magical candles together in a large basket and only take them out when I am called to work with that particular energy or purpose. Because of this, some of my candles last me for years. Others I burn in a week or less. a wonderful place to start is with a Full or New Moon Candle, a home blessing candle, or a Protection Candle.

Remember to always let your intuition guide you when choosing candles to work with. Deep within, you know what it is you need. Keep in mind that magical candles are usually made of beeswax and anointed with ritual oils. They are not the “Yankee” type candles with heavy scent to permeate a room. The point of magical candles is to work with the energy and layers within the candle, not the smell. You can always add perfume oils to your candles as they burn, to add extra scent if you like, and also to add the energy of the oil to your candle. Just pour a few drops into the melted wax around the wick while burning.

How to use your gemstones 

For tumbled stones, I like to keep them in a circle around the base of my candles, or in a set near my bed, in my purse, or medicine bag. And of course, I wear them as jewelry. If you carry a medicine bag you can use this to keep whatever stones you feel called to carry, on any particular day, with you. For larger pieces, I often place a large piece of quartz or specimen mineral on my altar. Some of my larger pieces have been on my altar for more than a decade. I love to display my spheres on their various altars created for different intentions. I hold them in meditation when I want to work with them directly. Spheres are powerful tools for radiating energy. Learn more about working with gemstone spheres here. You can create intention altars or grids with your stones as well. This not only beautifully displays them, but puts them to work too.

Remember, when you buy gemstone sets from me, they have been charged with energy for the purpose intended, so I recommend keeping them together. Perhaps you may want to keep them in their organza pouch, because they have energetic properties which are synergistically working together for the purpose you chose. Meditate with them, anoint them with oil, carry them with you. Stones develop relationships with their owners. Let yours get to know you! And most of all, enjoy them. Don’t tuck them in drawers or cabinets. Let your gems be “working stones.” Display them and acknowledge the energy they bring to your space, even when you are not directly working with them. If you are brand new to stones, start with gentle healing stones such as rose quartz, selenite, or smoky quartz.

How to use SG perfumes 

Perfume blends are magical to me. Essential oils are as old as time and each one has a unique scent, set of properties and healing benefits that make it totally unique. You can use all of my perfume blends as perfume – and many do, they smell so beautiful! But you can also add them to your candles, pour a little in your bath water, anoint your stones with them, add to coconut or jojoba oil to create massage blends, add to lotion or moisturizer for your face and body. The options are virtually limitless! You can also blend them together and that’s fun, too. Perfumes are one of my favorite tools because the Olfactory system is so powerful. I create blends for specific deep ritual work, intention perfumes for a wide variety of purposes, as well as many other blends to call in elemental energies, goddesses, astrological signs, and places.

A few of my blends were actually customer recommendations that they discovered while “playing” with their oils and mixing them together. If you want to learn how to make perfume, you should join the Magical Sabbatical program. I teach perfuming each season. Whenever I work with ritual blends, I anoint my wrists, ankles and Third Eye. Perfumes are powerful because scent is governed by the Olfactory system, which very effectively connects us with past life memories. Experiment with oils and perfumes based on your intention and what it is you are seeking. If you seek love you may want to work with a love blend, or you might choose a healing oil blend so you can first heal yourself and thus attract what you are seeking.

How to work with your SG smudging tools

Clearing your sacred space before ritual, ceremony, or meditation is very important for magical work, and perhaps the most time-tested method is to burn sacred herbs and resins. Burning these herbs and resins connects us energetically with our ancient ancestors. Their spirits are drawn to the smell and to our ceremonies where those scents perfume the air. I offer many various smudging tools made from different herbs for all your magical needs. If you want to clear negativity and bring healing into your space, my Rainbow Smudge Bundles are a wonderful place to start, or you can use Sweetgrass if you are looking to attract sweet spirits.

TO SMUDGE: All you need to do is burn one or more of these ingredients on a heat-proof surface. You can direct the smoke around your space or body using your hand or a feather. In native traditions, we begin smudging by facing the direction of east, then turn south, west, north, and back to east to put the ashes out. As you smudge, visualize any negative or low-vibration energies leaving your space or your body. Most of us feel instantly better after we smudge! And you can smudge any time of day or night, as often as you like. Learn more about the sacred practice of smudging here.

No matter what work you do, remember to have fun and follow your intuition. I would love to hear your questions and comments below! Feel free to share the ways in which you work with your sacred tools.

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