Simple Ritual 3: Home Blessing

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Simple Ritual 3: Home Blessing

One of the most common questions I am asked is how to bless a home or new living space. We spend so much time in our homes – they need to be filled with high vibrational energy, love, happiness, and warmth. When I moved into the house we live in now, I burned a white candle I wrapped with a home blessing oil and used these exact gems to bless our new space. Now, I offer these tools to you and this video, which explains a bit about how to use the tools and other practices to inspire you as you warm a new space or renew the energies in your current space. It’s never too late to bless your home. Some people bless their home once each year. Enjoy this third installment of Simple Ritual, my way of offering you simple tools for ritual practice to improve your life.

To purchase the tools demonstrated in this video, head here:

Bright home blessings to you, dear one. And so it is.

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