My Top Ten Tips for Manifestation

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My Top Ten Tips for Manifestation

Are you frustrated because you haven’t been able to manifest your dreams and visions? You are not alone. Manifestation is the act of focusing your will and your vision on a desired outcome over an extended period of time; it takes discipline, courage, and faith. Here are my Top 10 tips for manifestation. These have worked for me. I trust they will work for you!

1. You have to believe

I’ve noticed that most people don’t actually think their dreams can become a reality. There’s too much information and too many people actively convincing them that what they want is unattainable. You have to believe. You have to be able to see your dreams unfolding before they actually do. The first and most important step in manifesting anything is to completely believe in yourself and your vision. If that vision is coming from your heart and soul, then hold on tightly to it.

2. Use the right tools

Gemstones, candles, and essential oils are helpful for manifestation work because they raise the energetic vibration around you to be in total alignment with the energetic frequency of attraction. Stones like zincite, yellow apatite, citrine, quartz, magnetite, and arfvedsonite top my personal list of powerhouse manifesting gems. I use frankincense, patchouli, and lotus oils to support this work on the aromatherapy side. And then for candles, the colors green and gold are the best for manifesting work. Create a manifestation altar in your homes and meditate in front of it. When you do, make sure you keep all your thoughts focused on how possible your dreams really are.

3. Hold the vision

You will have to hold the vision of possibility through some challenging times; if you can’t, then you won’t manifest. Crystallize a vision of what you want to create and make it clear in your mind. Then, spend at least 5 minutes a day in active visualization with that vision. That means inhabiting the vision, being able to see and experience it as if it has already occurred on the material plane. See it, smell it, touch it in your mind’s eye.

4. Trust the process

If you believe as I do that you create your own reality, then you have to trust the process of how your reality unfolds. I believe there is a powerful and infinite intelligence in the Universe what really does conspire to support you. Trust it. Learn to appreciate it. When things don’t go as planned, or as you desire, trust that any setbacks are still progress.

5. Don’t listen to the naysayers

Haters gonna hate. I don’t know why, but people love to tell you why things won’t work. They get jealous when anything good happens to someone else. And they rarely hesitate to discourage you when you’re trying so hard to trust the process. Let it go. Don’t listen. It’s that simple. Find a support network of people who can nourish and encourage you. Listen to them.

6. Don’t yield to your inner critic

And most of the time you don’t need haters; we do a good enough job of naysaying ourselves! Your Inner Critic might be loud, like mine is, reminding you of the risks associated with your dreams. The Inner Critic’s favorite question is “What if it all goes wrong?” The answer is, you’ll figure it out. But if you never try you’ll be haunted all your life by your unlived dreams. You are here to manifest – it’s literally your reason for being. Get fearless and put a muzzle on that Inner Critic.

7. Consult your higher self

Then once that Inner Critic is quiet, listen to your Higher Self, your inner muse, the source of inspiration and the quiet voice of your dreams. Your higher self is an evolved form of YOU, deeply connected to your guides and integrated into the network of lightbeings and angels who surround you every day. She is your wisest self. Ask her what direction to follow. And then do a really good job of acting on her counsel. Meditation is the best way to connect with your higher self.

8. Create an authentic vision

Be sure that you are following a vision that is unique to you. You can’t copy your way to success. Don’t try to create what someone else has. Your soul purpose is a unique fingerprint that belongs solely to you; meditate and ask for clarity about what it is. Request that your guides come to you in dreamstate with details. Go out in the world and explore different things, ideas, and experiences. See what resonates. Inspiration will find you but it helps if you go seeking. Travel, ask questions, talk to people, dream, and open yourself to new opportunities.

9. Meditate and focus daily

Meditation is the act of getting internally quiet, and you need to spend 5 minutes a day in active silence. Quiet your mind and travel to a place inside your soul where your dreams are already a reality. Visualize your possibility in fine detail. If your dreams came true what would that look like? Would you live somewhere else, with someone else, do something else, feel differently? Allow yourself free reign to explore during your meditation and then, ask your guides to offer you wisdom and clear your mind to receive it. Spend as much time in meditation as you like. But as a minimum, your dreams require 5 minutes a day. I meditate at night, but you can do it first thing in the morning or even mid-day if that’s when you have time.

10. Keep your vibe high

What’s a high vibe? Joy, peace, gratitude, anticipation, love. Low vibes are anger, resentment, jealousy, fear, and sadness. High vibes help you manifest; low vibes keep you stagnant. Your emotions are always your choice. People hurt us, disappoint us, and scare us. But we decide how we react. I like the 7-second rule. After 7 seconds, an emotion becomes a vibration and begins attract like energies. Don’t complain, yell, cry, scream for more than 6 seconds. Count if you have to. Then switch the vibe. Keep switching. Eventually you’ll find it difficult to dwell in that stagnant place for long and what’s more, you won’t want to spend time with people who do.

May you manifest all that you desire in perfect time and in full alignment with your soul’s divine purpose in this lifetime. So it is.

7 thoughts on “My Top Ten Tips for Manifestation

  1. Excellent guidelines. Manifesting takes work and lots of focus but it is well worth it to be aware of what you are creating than to let it happen all haphazardly. Than Athena for your wise words and food for purposeful thought.

  2. Thank you Athena! Wise words indeed. <3. I work very hard on what I call the "mental training". As soon as I feel a low vibe emotion trying to creep in I work on transitioning it to a higher one step by step until I get to the gratitude vibe. It takes practice practice and as you know more practice. When I feel upset about something I work on understanding that emotion and where it's coming from. It helps raise the vibe. It's not easy and I picture it like a muscle and if we don't reprogram our brain it will go back to the negative way of thinking things. Thank you again. Lots of love.

    1. Thank you Athena and thank you Carol. Working on understanding the emotion and where it’s coming from is something I need more practice with. As long as I stop to analyze the “where”, my vibes are already heading up to positive. ~Blessings~

  3. Beautifully said <3 I learn so much from you and it seems like it comes right when I need it <3 xo

  4. Love #10, so trying to avoid the anger thats been rising, it has been getting better. Thank you Athena for sharing your wisdom with others. It certainly is making a difference in my life and helping me along my journey.

  5. Thank you Athena. This is a great article and I particularly love no10.
    It’s a real wet blanket when the naysayers put you or your practises down because they think you’re not getting anywhere … I’ll keep my vibe so high that they might just believe in me someday !

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