Love medicine


Love medicine

I don’t personally know most of the people who come to me seeking medicine. And while some come seeking specific medicine, many just order a medicine bundle and offer no specific request or need for me to address. So I go with my gut. The process intrigues me because it’s a complete exercise in trusting my intuition and letting go of my expectations, my need for information, my Type A instinctual desire to know things on an intellectual level. Creating medicine is magic. And this particular instance, of medicine making for a client whose needs were not clear, is a perfect example of how the process unfolds for me.

When this order came through last week, I set it aside. The woman’s face kept appearing to me. I would begin gathering the stones and herbs, and then stop. It wasn’t time, yet, I knew. Until today. I went to the herb and potion cabinet and began pulling down jar after jar, and all that wanted to be included was rose – rose powder, rose resin, rose buds, rose oil. I added the other herbs I always combine in my bundles (my “secret blend”) but this one was fully infused with rose medicine. Then, the gems. More signs of the kind of medicine that was emerging and unfolding. And then, the fabric and wrapping. Hearts on flannel, more roses (a single paper rose fell out of my wrapping drawer as I was gathering the ribbon). I went with the flow. And felt the warmest sensation in my heart chakra as I finished her bundle. An hour later, and the final product was finished. Love Medicine.

Today, I made love. And it spoke my name.

As I addressed the package, I looked at the receipt one last time and noticed that the buyer’s handle was capturemyheart. “Of course it is,” I whispered to myself and to my great grandmother, medicine woman, whose presence I can feel each time I practice our craft.

Love is en route to capturemyheart with a heart full of love and a world full of magic from me, to her. And so it is.

Sacred stuff, this world I live in, this place I inhabit. So blessed to have you here with me, along for the ride. Love medicine blessings to you today. May magic find you where you are and speak your name.

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  1. Magic found it’s way to me in finding you Athena. I live to learn from one so wise and knowing and I feel blessed. May your intuitions always speak this clearly and may you receive generously in love as you bless others with your own heart. Blessings to you, now and always.

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