Time to get fired up!

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Time to get fired up!

Summer is a heartbeat away here in the northern hemisphere and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready. Summer is the season of the Direction of South on the Lakota Medicine Wheel in Native American tradition, associated with the color red and the element of fire. The Earth warms to the touch and all of nature is alive. All of the plants and herbs and flowers are in growth mode. When we practice magic, we do little more than mirror nature and work with the natural cadence of life. In summer, the drumbeat is deep and strong, pulsing within and through us.

This is the season of impact and I want to fire you up – get you excited about how to manifest what is meant to come through you in 2014. No more messing around, you’ve got work to do. Days are long now, more time made available for you to work your sacred magic. How do you make an impact? By being YOU. The people in my life who are really making a difference, really leaving their mark on this planet are singing their own tune. They are authentic, different, unique, and totally aligned with their lineage, their vibration, their purpose. You may not know what to do to make your mark, but if you are learning WHO YOU ARE and you focus on bringing more of who you are into the world, you will only succeed. You will leave a lasting and indelible impression upon this Earth. There is nothing sexier than a woman or a man who knows who she/he is. Now is your time to figure it out. Who are you? What makes you tick? What brings you to life? What makes you burn? Whatever it is, pursue it with all you’ve got.

Your time is now. This season of fire, it’s going to light the sacred flame within you. South and fire bring us courage, passion, enthusiasm, fearlessness, confidence, control. Commit to a 90 day Fired Up Plan that will bring results. Fill in the blanks with your commitment, goal, and gift to the world: “From June 21 to September 21, I will ______________ every day in order to reach my goal of __________ and bring more of _________ into the world.” At the upcoming Full Moon this week, I’m leading a powerful Breakthrough ritual that’s live, virtual and free and it’s all related to this theme of making it happen. I hope you can join me. Head over here to RSVP. I think it will be a powerful experience for you.

Because you hold the key to the castle. It’s already in your hand.

I’m excited to walk with you through this season. If you’d like ritual tools for your fire work, a limited number of directional South kits are available over here. If you’re not a fire sign (Leo, Sagittarius or Aries) you especially need this kit to help you hold the fire energy this season. Lots of powerful medicine wrapped in that candle, oil, and gem set!

I will see you Thursday June 12 at the full moon and look forward to welcoming Summer Solstice with you in just a few weeks. Aho and so it is.

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  1. β€œFrom June 21 to September 21, I will practice magick every day in order to reach my goal of becoming my true, authentic self and bring more of balance into the world.”

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