The one key to success – and it may surprise you!


The one key to success – and it may surprise you!

I study greatness for a living. No really, I do. In my day job I look at corporate best practices in leadership and innovation. I am paid to study what the best companies do in these two critical areas. And perhaps what is most interesting isn’t what they do – it’s what they don’t do. The great leaders and innovators aren’t sitting around focusing on the negative. They aren’t worried about what or who they don’t have on their teams. They aren’t overthinking every facet of their plan once it’s set. And they certainly aren’t procrastinating. They are all-in, leaning forward in their seats, moving at the speed of ideas. They are doing what they can with what they have where they are. And they are still dreaming big, even if times and budgets are tight. There’s always an air of possibility wherever you see success.

Now that’s the private sector, corporate America. But it’s also the spirit sector, where I spend the other half of my life. The great successes in the spiritual community are very much like those corporate folks – leaning in, trusting their gut, doing what they can right now, going for it – and I mean going for it like tomorrow isn’t promised and yesterday doesn’t matter. So my question to you is, What are you waiting for? If the key to success is movement regardless of circumstance, what has you stuck?

Here’s the reality check: No one is going to come along and magically make your path clearer; magic resides in the first step you take toward your dreams. And it doesn’t matter if it’s the right step. Any step is progress, which to the Universe is like a huge glowing neon blinking arrow pointed right at you that says SHE IS READY. HE IS READY. GREEN LIGHT. GO. How does the Universe respond to progress? With more energy, more resources, more motivation, more ideas. But you have to lean in first.

Watch the A-players. You’ll see it. They almost look foolish – and yet something in you knows that their bold, risky behavior is wise. The key to success is acknowledging that this is your one life, and it’s getting shorter by the hour. And there stands Spirit asking, What are you going to do with this magnificent chance you’ve been given? Look back? Look down? Or look up and get moving?

This week as we celebrate all we have gathered this year, and all the goodness around us, also give thanks for your dreams and potential. So much possibility resides within you. Express your gratitude by moving in the direction of your vision. And then celebrate the step you take. I promise the Universe will celebrate with you.

So it is.

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  1. Excellent advice, I will take it to heart. Thank you for these words they have been a blessing to me.

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