Invoking your muse


Invoking your muse

The Muse is your inspiration; in Greek mythology, the muses were the goddesses of the fine and performing arts. The word derives from the Latin word musa, which translates to ‘thinking in silence.’ The Greeks saw their muse as embodied spirit goddesses, and that’s how my Muse is for me too. She comes to me as divine spirit and nudges me, inspires me, gets me to ‘think in silence’ about words and pictures, images and ideas that come to fruition through my hands.

I am grateful for my Muse and her steady inspiration, which comes in the most unlikely forms – paint card arrangements at Home Depot, magnolia blossoms on the ground, ombred rainbows of dried paint on my daughter’s fingers. Sometimes she appears to me in dreamstate, waking me to go blend potions at midnight after a long day. I never decline her invitations. When the Muse comes, if you’re serious, you must go with her.

And let her take you far.

Have you experienced your Muse? For those I work with who have not, yet, I wrote this invocation. Light an orange candle, smudge a bit with rose and lavender or thyme, and say the following blissful words out loud:

“I call to you, Muse, wise goddess of the creative force
and ask you to breathe your breath of life through my spirit,
bringing your blessings of vision and imagination.
Move my hand, enchant my soul, delight my senses
with your divine charms. Show me the gifts
that only my spirit possesses, unique offerings
that only I am meant to bring to life.
And when my spirit is low, Muse, remind me
that I have the skills, the abilities, and the wisdom
to manifest my gifts for the good of all.
I promise to follow your lead, Muse,
day and night as we partner to create
what is now only a dream, a vision, a whisper.
So it shall be and so it is.”

Then begin to tinker, try, and test. Play with your supplies, suspend your judgment and expectation, and when the wind moves around you and the breeze blows through your trees, be still. Your Muse is there.

Bright blessings, creative spirits.

4 thoughts on “Invoking your muse

  1. What you’re talking about in the druidic tradition is called awen. It’s a kind of inspired working or trance that they would go into. There were various types- bardic awen, healing awen, warrior awen, etc. Ever read into that? I think it would interest you if you haven’t yet. Thank you for this invocation though. As I have hit a bit of a dry spell (no pun intended) with my creative workings, I think I might give this a shot. 😀

  2. My muse is an entertaining hoot! My muse acts like a temptress,,,she shows me things in my sleep step by step and just dares me to give it a go. And me being me I can’t let a challenge like that pass me by. Before I know it I am jumping in feet first to try to accomplish what I’ve been shown. Sometimes I don’t have a clue how to do it but I keep going. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. We have an interesting relationship…..LOL!!

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