Guest post by Drucilla Pettibone: Connecting with the Fae at Samhain

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Guest post by Drucilla Pettibone: Connecting with the Fae at Samhain

Samhain blessings, dear ones. I am so excited to begin a series of guest blog posts today by drawing upon the wisdom of the deeply magical mistress of faerie wisdom, Drucilla Pettibone from Faeriecology. I asked Drucilla to offer us simple ways to connect with the Fae at this time of year. She works mainly with Faeries and nature spirits and finds that when the veil between the worlds is at its thinnest, now, is a particularly good time to make contact with the Fae. The Faerie Realm exists alongside our own, but it is invisible most of the time. At Samhain, it’s more likely that we’ll catch a glimpse of the Otherworld or its denizens.

Here are some basic tips for connecting with the Fae at Samhain and All Hallows:

1. Get Outside! The Fae are intimately connected with Nature in all Her various forms, and so we are much more likely to encounter a Faerie in the woods, a garden or park, or near a lake or stream. An in-between place is ideal, such as where the grass meets the woods, where land meets water. Find a small piece of the wild if you can, even if it’s just a corner of your garden. It’s also best to choose an in-between time such as dawn or dusk when it’s neither day nor night, or midnight, when it’s neither one day nor the other. Spend time in your chosen spot, relax, and observe. If you camp out on All Hallow’s Eve, you may even catch a glimpse of the Wild Hunt! If you do make contact, be sure to be courteous and respectful.

2. Make Offerings. The Fae appreciate offerings, and some even expect it! Get in the habit of leaving out small offerings – a bite of cake or bread, a bit of milk or ale. Make sure it’s a sincere offering from your heart. Also, everything you leave out in nature must be biodegradable unless you are going to collect it the next day. It’s best, however, to collect the leftovers the next day since the Faeries are likely to have ingested the subtle energies of the food or drink and left its physical form behind. Never eat leftover offerings!!

3. Use All of your Senses. Many Faerie Seers don’t actually see Faeries with their physical eyes. They may see them in their mind’s eye during meditation or journey work. But many Seers simply sense or “know” when they are in the presence of Fae folk, whereas others hear Faerie music. It all depends on the individual Seer’s strengths and abilities. Faeries are also great shape-shifters, so don’t cling to particular expectations of what they will look like or how you will perceive them. Quiet your mind and especially any skepticism; we see what we believe! Be open to possibilities.

4. Be a Good Steward of the Earth. If you tend to elements of Nature with care, you will endear yourself to the Fae. Fill your bird feeders while you are decorating for Samhain. Leave a part of your yard wild as habitat for wildlife. Mulch your garden, pick up litter, do your recycling. The options are endless! Wooing the Fae and becoming attuned to them is sometimes a long process, but this will help ensure their good will.

5. Use Sacred Gemstones. There are a number of stones that are associated with the Fae, including Staurolite, Petalite, Rose Quartz, Pink Lemurian Quartz, and Apophyllite (or any member of the Zeolite family).

If you’d like to learn much more in-depth about how to work with the Fae, Drucilla be leading an e-course called the Faerie Ring beginning on December 21, the Winter Solstice.

Samhain Blessings for all of you in the Northern Hemisphere; Blessings of the Beltane to my Southern Hem sisters and brothers. So it is.

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