Five tips for wellness & sacred healing


Five tips for wellness & sacred healing

I’m curious about healing. Aren’t you? The human body is such a magnificent miracle, capable of carrying and creating life and constantly seeking its own path to wellness without intervention. How do you feel? Have you checked in with your body lately to sense and feel what’s happening? I believe that energy work (such as Reiki), yoga, meditation with gems, herbs, oils, plants, flowers, and nature itself can be potent allies in maintenance of good health. And above all, your thoughts create your reality. Maintaining a positive perspective is key to maintaining a healthy body and spirit. Here are my Top 5 tips for holistic health and wellness:

1. Engage in a regular and disciplined practice of meditation.

Even if you only meditate for 5 minutes each morning, it’s important to quiet your mind. When you do, you’ll begin to discern messages about your health and wellness and you’ll also find deeper peace and connection to your spirituality. If quieting your mind is hard for you, try lighting a candle and just focus on the flame for 5 minutes. You’ll quickly find yourself softening into a relaxed state when you place your undivided attention on the flame.

2. Drink tea every day.

My favorite is green tea, and I often add herbs to mine (rosemary adds a savory taste and important healing benefits. You can also use rose petals for love, lavender for peace and relaxation, lemon balm for joy, or turmeric for its antioxidant and anti-aging properties). Only use herbs that come from your garden or an organically-grown source. Try sweetening your tea with candied ginger or agave nectar! Drink slowly, savoring each sip and focus your thoughts on health and happiness as you drink. You might even say a prayer or blessing as you pour the water and heat it.

3. Work with healing tools.

They attune the energies and vibrations in your body and your space to align you with wellness and health. Hold them in your hands and surround yourself with them while you meditate, create a wellness altar space in your home, place them next to your bedside while you sleep. Carry them with you through the day.

4. Use essential oils in place of perfume.

Oh, my goddess. This one tip will shift your energies for good! Essential oils are nature’s medicines. Lavender essential oil, for example, eases headache pain, promotes deep sleep, and even heals burns or skin irritation. Try rolling on a pure essential oil blend in place of your store-bought perfume. You’ll smell beautiful and help your body at the same time.

5. Step outside.

So many of us spend a good chunk of our precious time indoors. We need nature. We need fresh air, movement, a little dirt on our hands, a little wind in our hair in order to be well. Every day, make it a point to touch nature – even if it’s snowing, step outside and catch a snowflake on your tongue. All seasons and all parts of nature’s cycles have wisdom to share with us. That simple and yet profound connection with the elements makes a world of difference.

May you experience total wellness and may it bring you into deep alignment with your body’s ideal state. When you look at your garden, the sky, or at the grass beneath your feet, always remember that you are looking at important tools and offerings that were divinely designed to help nourish and support you. So it is.

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  1. Thanks for the tips!! I’ve also read that thyme has alot of health benefits, especially with fighting viruses this time of year..Ive been using it alot lol 🙂

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