Why the April New Moon is the most important day this year for manifesting money!

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Why the April New Moon is the most important day this year for manifesting money!

We are on the eve of an important lunar occasion, friends – a new moon in Taurus, just days away from the start of a “5” month (the number of money and wealth), May. This is without question the night to sit and set your sacred intentions for the financial freedom and prosperity you desire. You may think to yourself, I don’t need to manifest prosperity (for any number of reasons) but consider this an opportunity to ask for what you need in order to live a satisfying, free, happy, and fulfilling life for you and your beloveds. The moon transits to Taurus¬†Tuesday¬†but will be ‘new’¬†Wednesday¬†morning. Your ritual can take place anytime between¬†Tuesday¬†night and¬†Thursday¬†morning in order to achieve ideal results.

One ritual to manifest prosperity is to write an abundance check made payable to yourself from the Universe. Here’s a link to all the treasures and tools you need to create strong manifestation magic and set your prosperity intentions. Transform the entire process of manifesting your desires into a ritual by first opening sacred space, smudging and clearing unwanted energies from your environment; then, burn sweetgrass to invite sweet spirits and welcome expansive energies. Use a selenite wand to open a sacred circle and open a protected container for your new moon ritual. Once the container is open, make a brief prayer or call to each of the four cardinal directions, honoring their medicine and offerings.

Next, holding a beautiful piece of Labradorite, Spectrolite, or Nuummite, close your eyes and first offer a moment of quiet gratitude for all that you have today. Feel your heart expand as you think about all of the beauty in your life Рthe people, the treasures, the experiences, the energies, the love. Gratitude begins the abundance cycle so any intention for prosperity Рfor more Рshould always begin with a gesture of thanks for what you already enjoy. Some people like to reinforce this gesture of gratitude with an offering, either material or energetic.

Examples of energetic offerings are singing a song or sending Reiki to the planet; material offerings can include the burying of herbs in the East to represent a blessed new beginning, or the tying of a sari ribbon prayer tie on the branch of a tree with healthy limbs, to represent your own growth and expansion. Then, pull up an image in your mind’s eye of you in your¬†ideal state¬†– a state of ease and flow where all that you desire comes easily and gracefully to you without your having to force or push it. Really let yourself sink into the details of this vision of your life! Where are you? Do you look different? Do you feel different? Who is around you? What are you doing? So much information and sensation emerging to help you learn about what is available to you in this very moment!


Quantum mechanics teaches us that time is synchronous; it folds in on itself – past, present, and future happening right now, all at once. Your past lives are happening now in a parallel realm, and so are your future lives.¬†The life in which you are living the dream that is in your heart today is already in progress. Isn’t that amazing? That’s why sometimes your dreams feel like they are literally at your fingertips! So visualization is in a way your own ability as an empath to channel and download what already exists, shaping and molding it with your hands and heart, in concert with your spirit guides, and then sending that vision up to Source, allowing it to manifest and unfold just on the other side of your awareness, in a time and space outside of mortal time and space.

When you visualize you are creating space and reality as part of an Energetic Collective that includes your ancestors who have crossed to the light, your spirit guides, etheric beings and spirit animal totems. You are choosing, curating, and collecting images and ideas, almost like a living vision board or Soul Pinterest, to bring what you seek into being. I believe with all my heart that the Universe waits on our intention and seeks with a fullness of love and generosity to bring us what we desire. I believe in a benevolent Universe that co-creates with us like the most divine life partner, holding and loving us while we go forth and manifest our soul’s path. Or like loving parents watching their children become their fullest selves, supporting them and encouraging them while letting them struggle a little so they learn – such is the role of the spirit council across the veil.

The new moon is a gift to us of perfect darkness. How is that a gift, you ask? It is the mystery, it is the great unknown, and each of us at the new moon makes a choice: Will we dip our finger into that great dark pool of possibility? It’s there waiting for you. Our ancestors saw the new moon as an infinite well of unfocused potential, waiting to be shaped and molded into right and perfect form. Without the moon’s light to guide their way, they walked long roads by lantern light, trusting their own intuition and learning to hear the quiet voice within calling them home, calling them to purpose. I sometimes sit and think about my great grandmother sitting in her tiny home in the old village in Iraklion, Crete where she lived and was a well known healer. When the sky went dark each month, what did she think about? What rituals and practices guided her hand? She manifested so much in her life – two generations later her great grandchildren would live oceans away with more resources than she ever imagined possible in that faraway place, to bring her gifts forward in a good way, to more people. The lineage carried on because she worked that darkness in faith. Of this, I am sure.


Taurus is the one sign, of all in the zodiac, that knows how to attract and manage money well. Taureans are artists at heart, but maintain a strength and conservative edge to themselves that keeps them tethered and grounded, despite their mystical and magical inner nature. And so it is with this new moon, summoning us to balance the material with the mystical. Taurus leads the way. With this new moon edging us toward the month of May – Taurus’ birthday month! – and it’s deep connectivity to financial prosperity, take this chance to sit down and focus your thoughts, visions, desires, intentions, and meditations on the many ways in which financial security and prosperity can bring greater ease to your life. You are meant to live well.

Once you have visualized your ideal state, full of ease and grace, financial security and prosperity, light a black new moon candle and focus your vision on the flame. Surrender all fears and hesitations you have about attracting prosperity to the flame, to the fire, and let the fears go. Nothing can grow, manifest, or thrive in the face of fear. Once you feel that you have connected to the darkness, to possibility, to Earth, to abundance, to ease, extinguish the candle and write a single sentence in your intention journal, following this format:

Tonight, under this dark moon, I call in _______________ for myself, in order to live my life in full alignment with the collective good in a state of ease, flow, grace, and wellness. It is done.”

May is your month to set your financial goals in motion. And that magic begins tonight. So it is.

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