Understanding and Embracing Your Psychic Gifts

Metaphysical/Metaphysics Understanding and Embracing Your Psychic Gifts

Understanding and Embracing Your Psychic Gifts

We all come here with gifts. For some, those gifts are expressed through writing, music, cooking, caretaking, healing, leadership, organizing, and more. Some of us have gifts in multiple areas while some of us have a few that we have discovered and identified with so far. We even notice as we grow that we share similar gifts as others. Yet, it’s our individuality and what each of us uniquely brings to our gifts that distinguish them from the next person’s offerings. And just as there are gifts that manifest outwardly, there are gifts that are just as powerful that might not be seen in a tangible way. These gifts are just as necessary and in most cases, even more important than the gifts we’ve come to embrace and accept because they allow us to see, feel, and hear something deeper, something more. These gifts connect us to beyond what the basic senses can grasp and form in the material realm. These gifts are our psychic gifts. Through this blog, I’ll provide some clarity and guidance to help you in understanding and embracing your psychic gifts.

What are psychic gifts?

So what exactly are psychic gifts? There isn’t a one-size-fits-all description for psychic gifts but if I had to define it, I’d say that psychic gifts are intuitive in nature. As shared earlier, they go beyond the physical realm senses, connecting us to wisdom, insights, hunches, premonitions, visions, and frequencies that our basic senses may not completely pick up on their own. When we say the “sixth sense,” we are referencing the realm of these psychic gifts. Psychic gifts are often hard to explain but when you’ve received its guidance and message you just know.

What are the different types of psychic gifts?

So what are the ways that psychic gifts express? Many are familiar with the clair abilities – clairsentience, clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairgustance, claircognizance, and clairalience, which are activated and opened by the Third Eye Chakra, our seat of the intuition, inner knowing, wisdom, and divine seeing. You can learn more about this chakra in my book, The Ultimate Guide to Chakras. I’ll provide a brief explanation of each clair sense or ability here:

Clairsentience is the gift of clear feeling. It allows you to feel the emotions and energy of another person without having any previous connection, interaction, or understanding of that person. For example, you meet someone who’s a stranger to you and just get a gut feeling about them, maybe even something specific. 

Clairaudience is the gift of clear hearing. It allows you to hear what others are thinking. Through this gift, you also have the ability to hear music and nature on a higher level and in some cases, can even attune to the language of animals, crystals, or plants.

Clairvoyance is the gift of clear seeing. It allows you to see objects, colors, shapes, and life forms that are not seen physically by the human eye. This seeing can be subtle or dramatic, and some people describe it like watching a movie in their mind’s eye.

Clairgustance is the gift of clear tasting. It allows you to tap into higher information and wisdom through the sense of taste by discerning flavors that others may not be aware of or pick up on. This tasting can also be a sign from those who’ve crossed over – producing a taste you can recognize them by.

Claircognizance is the gift of clear knowing. It allows you to tap and tune into higher-frequency information via instinct or deep knowing that you can’t shake. Some describe this as mental flashes of recognition or certainty. These knowings or realizations often turn out to be true.

Clairalience is the gift of clear smelling. It allows you to pick up on information through the sense of smell, but on a much-heightened degree and level. You smell things that others around you cannot, including the truth. Similar to clairgustance, this smelling can be a sign from those who’ve passed over – a smell making you think of them.

In addition to the clairs, other forms of psychic gifts also exist. Mediumship is the ability to serve as a bridge or conduit for information from higher dimensions, civilizations, and beings. The Three T’s – telepathy, telekinesis, and teleportation – are also psychic gifts that you might have. Telepathy is the ability to read another person’s mind or communicate with him or her through thought alone, without verbally speaking. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects through the sheer will and power of the mind and thought. Teleportation is the ability to transport yourself either in thought/mind or physically to another destination or place. Some people have the gift of reading another person’s aura while others may also have the gift of remote viewing – the ability to catch glimpses of events that are happening in real-time in another place or time dimension. And there are even more psychic gifts than the ones I mentioned here.

How to identify and tap into your psychic gifts

So how do you know if you have psychic gifts? How do you tap into them? I’d start by asking you, “What do you have a natural inclination towards?” Do you get frequent hunches about something or have a deep sense of when something is going to happen? Do you tend to hear things others don’t and maybe even catch glimpses of colors and images that aren’t there (to the human eye)? These small signs are usually pointers that you do have a psychic gift, yet it’s up to you to further explore and open to them so that they become more frequent. You can do this by seeking guidance and insight through prayer and meditation on what’s being shown to you. Ask your guides for clarity on these gifts and be prepared to receive signs and signals, whether in the dream or waking states, of what these gifts are and how to work with them. 

Many of us come with latent psychic gifts, but because we aren’t sure of them, we reject or deny them once they start to surface. Discovering and strengthening your gifts is a process in acknowledgment, acceptance, commitment, and faith. As with any relationship, it takes time. When you invest time in getting to know the nature of your gifts, your gifts will reveal more to you. It takes practice and consistency. It takes intention and attention. And it takes a willingness to allow something beyond your human understanding to lead and teach you.

In Closing

I suspect as people begin to reawaken to their true innate potential and remember their power as expressions of the One Consciousness, or Source, more psychic gifts and powers will begin to come back online as well. As you return to Truth, which is that everything is one and is held in the mind of the One, then you begin to remember that those same qualities that are expressed in Source, are also – although to a lesser degree – expressed in, as, and through you. And as you begin to trust this within yourself, you plug into your true power Source and remember that you are the gift.

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