Honoring our Solar Cosmic Father for Father’s Day

Holidays Honoring our Solar Cosmic Father for Father’s Day

Honoring our Solar Cosmic Father for Father’s Day

June 18, 2023, is Father’s Day, the traditional time to honor the father figures in our lives. Being and having a father can be wonderful — and also challenging. Many of us have lost our fathers or are experiencing broken father relationships. Some of us find father figures in surrogate or adoptive fathers, uncles, or grandfathers. Some of us don’t find those father figures until later in life — whether it’s a teacher, mentor, or another positive role model. Masculine ‘father’ figures can be anybody — even women! Feminine and masculine do not exist without each other, and bringing them into balance has the profound power to heal ourselves and the Earth. No matter how father figures show up for you in this physical plane of existence, I’m inviting you to consider the role the Divine Masculine plays in your life while honoring our Solar Cosmic Father for Father’s Day.

Who is the Solar Cosmic Father?

The Solar Cosmic Father is the personification of the Divine Masculine and has been known throughout time and across cultures by many different names: Ra, Anu, Jesus, Surya, Zeus, Ranginui, and many more. The Divine Masculine represents consciousness itself — that which never changes. Masculine energy is assertive, active, and always wants to explore new territory. We are each made up of feminine and masculine energy, and our masculine nature is the part of us that wants to break away from the status quo and establish a strong, individualized self. The Solar Cosmic Father also embodies the energy of the Sun — the primary ray of energy from which everything else is created. The Sun never fails to shine, always ‘rises’ to meet us, and sustains all life on Earth. Father’s Day falls in the week before Litha, also known as the summer solstice — the longest day of the year. It’s the Sun’s day, honoring the Solar Cosmic Father and bringing us all back to our center — to our hearts and the creative source of everything. It’s a time to step out in faith and imagine what’s possible for yourself. The Solar Cosmic Father supports us in this by inspiring us to be confident and independent. He guides us to let our inner light shine as we forge new and exciting paths.

5 Ways to Honor and Connect with Our Solar Cosmic Father

1. Be a Father to Yourself

This Father’s Day, I challenge you to turn the lens inward and examine your wounds. Think about the male figures in your life. Were they supportive? Think about your male friends, romantic partners, or siblings — is there a pattern? Sometimes, we have hidden blockages preventing our growth. Be a father to yourself and dig deep with logic and action. Place those wounds under a microscope and think about how masculine energy has positively and negatively impacted your life. Forgive the past as needed and celebrate the good — not for anyone else, but for yourself. Although we can’t physically go back to fix and change the events that created the chasms, we can do so energetically, freeing ourselves and the people in our wounding story from the pain and guilt.

2. Engage Your Inner Warrior

The Divine Masculine is your inner warrior, capable of standing up for and protecting you. Great warriors strategize and fight with their minds instead of the brute force and domination our society correlates with masculinity. The Divine Masculine is about inner strength. Where do you need it most? Is your confidence or self-esteem wavering? Do you feel vulnerable to your daily struggles? Embrace your Divine Masculine and face your issues head-on. Take up boxing or martial arts, or lift weights. It helps to align your physical body with the energy you wish to emanate.

3. Create a Solar Altar

This Father’s Day, you may feel called to create a sacred altar space to honor our Solar Cosmic Father. Your altar could be a simple shelf, table, or cabinet, or it might be something more elegant and elaborate. You can place your altar inside your home or outdoors. Choose a spot that feels right for you. Incorporate Items into this space to honor the Cosmic Father and Divine Masculine, such as red, orange, yellow, and gold candles or a brazier, images of the Sun, wands, arrowheads, and ‘fiery’ spices and resins like cinnamon, chili, ginger, dragon’s blood, and copal.

4. Work with Crystals

Crystals emit energetic vibrations that impact how you feel, sense, and interact with your environment — and you can add them to your Father’s Day altar or hold them in meditation to strengthen your intentions to connect with our Cosmic Father. 

  • Golden labradorite is considered a masculine stone of the Sun and Golden Ray and helps you move more confidently in the world. It’s empowering, enhances intuition, and gives you the courage to do what you need to do. 
  • Kambaba jasper is the Divine Masculine in stone form. It invokes and enhances all the masculine qualities, such as assertiveness, action, independence, adventure, logic, and protection. 
  • Sunstone carries the energy of Ra, the Egyptian Sun god, and brings benevolence and positive energy to your sacred space. It’s a leadership stone that fills you with optimism, openness, and warmth and inspires consciousness and co-creation.
  • Pyrite enlivens your self-image and connects you to the warmth of the Sun, helping you be a source of inspiration. This gem corresponds to the zodiac sign Leo and brings positivity, vitality, and overall well-being. 
  • Citrine is a stone that increases mental clarity and attracts prosperity. This gem continually transforms your energy with its vibrant, expansive power. Citrine’s sunny and bright disposition imparts wonder, delight, and enthusiasm.

5. Take Action

It’s helpful to recognize when you’re holding back your desires and gifts out of fear or doubt. Without action, your dreams, creations, and ideas never reach their full expression. Your intuition will knock on your door at some point, telling you that your gifts are ready to be seen and felt by the world. It’s time to answer if you’re ready. Don’t let fear or doubt get in the way of your happiness. Harness the Divine Masculine to bravely make a move and claim your destiny.

In Closing

The feminine and the masculine cannot exist without each other, and a beautiful spectrum of how they express themselves lies within us all. While the Gaia Cosmic Mother supports and nurtures us, the Solar Cosmic Father inspires us to be independent and confident and let our inner light shine. Integrating the two energies brings us into harmony with ourselves, the Earth, and the entire universe. From the deepest space in my heart, I wish you a Happy Father’s Day. May this day reflect the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine union and bridge new beginnings of peace, trust, and possibility. And so it is.

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