Honoring Madre Tierra for Mother’s Day

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Honoring Madre Tierra for Mother’s Day

For many, Mother’s Day is a challenging day as well as a day of beauty and remembrance. Mothering is the most complex task assigned to human beings because it requires a radical depth of strength and compassion as well as the heavy responsibilities of gestation and birth. As someone who is a mother and also has a mother, I can attest that no matter what else I do in my life, mothering and being mothered have yielded some of my biggest blessings and challenges in my life. To complicate matters, keep in mind: The Divine Feminine is less active in our human consciousness than it has been in my lifetime. How do I know? I sense less softness and flexibility in the field, traits commonly associated with the Feminine, and instead see people valuing competition, strength, and show of force which are aligned with the Masculine. Both forces are needed for equilibrium and healthy balance in our lives. But the scales are heavily balanced in the direction of the Masculine today leaving many of us in immense need of a soft place to land.

So my question to you this Mother’s Day is where can you expand into deeper relationship with your own softness and flexibility? What parts of your life need nurturing? Where is your inner garden dry and parched? How might the Feminine find and reach you with her chalice of healing waters?

Instead of acknowledging the human mother this Mother’s Day, I’ve chosen to honor the Great Mother, our common Gaia, Pachamama, Madre Tierra. She is the mother who will never let you down or disappoint you. She maintains her watchful eye and is always there, always awake, always tending the fire, keeping you warm and held in her mindful embrace. She will hold you accountable when you falter, but you will still feel loved because her love is unfaltering and unconditional. So many of us hunger for this eternal softness, a beautiful place to rest our weary minds and find a source of constant hydration of the soul, a river we cannot deplete. In a Masculine world sometimes the Feminine hides for safety. Let’s seek her out, summon her and welcome her into the light as we approach summer in the Northern Hemisphere. Let’s honor our great Earth Mother this year, revering and blessing her, thanking and welcoming her into our lives, our hearts, and our energy fields. May She be blessed and may we, as her children, continue to live in her embodied grace.

Amen, A’ho, So it is.

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