Be the love you seek


Be the love you seek

Love magic is real – you can draw love, reveal love, manifest love.

All the work must be done with an open heart and without attachment. You have to open your Heart Chakra wide – the Anahata – and release expectations that love abides in a specific person.

You have to open yourself to the experience of love, the universal emotion and vibration that knows no boundaries.

I’m often asked to work love magic for people to restore love, heal a relationship, or help lovers rediscover their passion. The real magic, the real work, resides in BECOMING the love you seek. Manifesting it in your own body. Vibrating it in your very being. All the images of love you seek and desire, really visualize what that love looks, feels, smells, and tastes like and as much as you can, step into those images and let yourself become aligned with them.

Love is a vibration that attracts its kind. Vibrate love, acceptance, radiance, beauty, sensuality, and happiness and that is what will come to you. Open your heart chakra, release attachments, and I promise you, love will come. Love abides in open spaces where it can roam wild and free and explore possibility without restraint or expectation.

And so it is. May your heart open and love find you where you are.

2 thoughts on “Be the love you seek

  1. <3 I love what you wrote. So powerful, and with so much truth. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words and wisdom.

  2. This is absolutely beautifuly said!

    This resonates with many of the teachings that I have learned from various other paths. It’s amazing how regardless of what path you follow, the truth remains the same. Energy is the same regardless of human opinion/interpretation.

    I follow the path of energy, light and love and wholeheartedly believe in this!


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