A Christmas Wish For You and Yours

Holidays A Christmas Wish For You and Yours

A Christmas Wish For You and Yours

On Christmas Eve, the world experiences the purest form of magic – the kind that only comes from within. For a brief period of time, the world pauses with bated breath knowing something wonderful awaits just around the corner. That belief and anticipation – that spark of wonder – calls on our capacity for hope. It’s our North Star shining within. And when we allow ourselves to be present in the moment, wherever we are, we simultaneously tap into our inner magic and invoke the energies of unfiltered love and joy. That same excitement we felt as children is still available to us – we just have to wake it up. Read on to learn how to open your eyes to the magic of this sacred season – inside and all around you.

A Christmas Story

Over 2,000 years ago, wise men embarked on a journey from the East – guided only by the dim moonlight, cloaked in the darkness of the velvet sky. They traveled tirelessly for months, searching for the star of Bethlehem that would guide them to their destiny – a sign the prophecy had been fulfilled. One night, the Magi had a dream in which they were instructed to change their path. With this divine epiphany, the Magi obliged, and the radiant, beautiful star of Bethlehem shone forth the following night, leading them to the manger where Christ had been born. There, they bestowed upon him glimmering gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh – offerings fit only for kings and deities.

While our traditions have transformed over the ages and through the generations, I find great comfort in remembering the history of sacred passages. The message of the wise men’s journey to the illuminated heart is the true meaning of the holiday season. When the cares of the world seem too great, or when I lose sight of my center, my true north, I return to the highest aspects of myself through love and hope – the light of the heart.

In Closing

This Christmas, whether you celebrate this particular holiday or not, my wish is that you notice and believe. As you believe, so you become. Let your heart be full of presents and presence, no matter how many sparkly gifts are wrapped under your tree. Be the spark that illuminates the path of faith for others in your life. Let the light that shines through your eyes express to everyone you see this holiday season that magic is real and that the miracle is born from within. Merry Christmas and Happy Holy Days!

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