10 Ways to Honor and Celebrate the Mother Goddess on Earth Day

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10 Ways to Honor and Celebrate the Mother Goddess on Earth Day

On Earth Day, we celebrate the great nurturing Mother Goddess.

You may observe her as Gaia, Terra, Pachamama, or a primordial deity from another pantheon. However Mother Earth manifests in your spiritual practice, we owe her many thanks for this life. She is the creator of every last thing we require for nourishment, wholeness, and happiness – from the air we breathe, to the vegetation we consume, to the stable ground upon which we walk and rest.

Her landscapes are vast and varied. In her creation of the dust and rain, she thought of everything. She has given us the trees, the birds, the mountains, the very elements. Under her skies, we breathe, with her fruits, we eat, and from her lakes, we drink.

What abundance you enjoy was a gift from Mother Earth’s sacred lands, and so, we exalt her majesty today. By giving thanks and showing our respect, we invite her to bless us with even greater abundance. If you wish to express gratitude, here are 10 simple things you can do to give back and say thank you.

1) Nourish yourself

Her simple, yet complex imprint is everywhere, not just in your surroundings, but in you! On your skin and in your eyes. If she is your Earth Mother, then you are her child. Her creation. Commit to truly nourishing yourself today, whether that means getting extra sleep and time to relax, eating healthy organic foods, getting exercise, or taking a candle-lit bath.

2) Seek simplicity

Mother Earth’s calling on our hearts is that we take at least a moment to return to the simple splendor of the natural world. Wherever you are, put down your phone and computer, and take time to just breathe and observe. If you’re indoors, find a window and look to the sky. Allow for a day free from the entanglements of man’s creation and enjoy what is simply beautiful.

3) Take a tour through nature

A simple walk or hike along the beach, through the woods or mountains, or in a city park, makes for a perfect escape into Mother Earth’s creation. Bring a picnic with you! Take notice of her bounty as you go – new saplings blossoming, birds chirping, the sand between your toes, the coolness of the rain or the warmth of the sun. There is such an intricate and complex design all around us to appreciate and enjoy.

4) Say a prayer for Mother Earth

Our meditations, prayers, and intentions carry powerful energy. By sending our own healing vibration deep down into her core, and sending our words of love and kindness out into the Universe, we can help manifest health and sustainability for our mother planet. Incorporate this prayer into your ritual, as you work with your crystals and other tools to magnify the power of your words.

5) Commit to a day of peace, beauty, and power

Mother Earth is all things beauty, peace, and power. From the quiet of turning leaves, to the pink hues of sunset, to crashes of thunder and lightning, she is an enduring picture of all that we strive for. It is possible for us to embody such magnificence ourselves if we simply commit. Decide to be centered and at peace through your breath, radiate beauty in all you create, and own your power in all that you do. This one is all about your energy from moment to moment.

6) Plant seeds

Go to your local hardware supply store, gardening store, or even the grocery store, and pick up a packet of seeds. Be sure the plant species you choose is able to grow and thrive in the environment where you choose to plant or scatter them. You may wish to combine this one with number 4, and say a prayer for our Earth Mother as you give back.

7) Start a garden

Taking number 6 to another level, if you’ve ever wanted to plant your own garden, Earth Day is a great day to start! Depending on the space and soil you’re working with, you can plant anything from fruit trees and flowers, to herbs and veggies. This is a beautiful way to give back to Mother Earth, while also creating an organic and sustainable source of select herbs and produce for yourself.

8) Clean up your favorite nature spot

Ever notice litter along the path of your favorite beach, park, or mountain escape? Ever wondered ‘who does that?’ and had a yearning to clean it all up? Earth Day is the time to take action. Grab a recycled paper bag, snap on some gloves, and spend an hour or so collecting trash to restore the natural beauty of your go-to nature spot.

9) Adopt a rescue animal

Our furry friends are Mother Earth’s creation too. She loves them and cares for them just like us. If you have space in your life for an animal that needs a forever home, adopting on Earth Day is such a special way to pay it forward. You new fur baby will serve as a reminder of the Earth’s vast and loving creation for years to come.

10) Make a donation toward conservation

As the many and various forms of environmental pollution have become an increasing problem, several non-profit organizations have taken root to counter the damage. In an effort to keep Mother Earth healthy and balanced, join forces with one of these organizations by making a one-time donation, or even signing up for a monthly contribution. Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, and the National Audubon Society are a few great ones to start with.

We thrive on Mother Earth’s creation, woven into her matrix as if part of the landscape itself. You are here because you are meant to be, and the Great Mother has made it so. I hope you’ll do one of these ten things today as a way to observe and celebrate our planet.

If you’ve come up with a ritual or activity I didn’t list here, please share in the comments below! I would love to know how you’re honoring the Mother Goddess on Earth Day.

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