Simple and magical holiday rituals

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Simple and magical holiday rituals

Merry Yule and Happy Holidays to all of you in the Northern Hemisphere! I hope the end of this year finds you well despite the rush of travel, the many demands on your time, and the frenzy of activity around you. Now is the time to find your Center, that space of peace within you that cannot be rocked or shaken by outside circumstances. I want to invite you to connect with your Center from now through the new year using simple and magical holiday rituals, some of which are now sacred to my family. They are simple and yet powerful ways to honor the turning of the Wheel of the Year and the long nights that bring us indoors around the fire together.

SIMPLE RITUAL FOR YULE (12/21): Word of the Year

Each year on Yule, which is the Winter Solstice, choose a new Word of the Year for the coming year and release your WOTY from the previous year. Choose the word by going into meditation on Yule and asking your guides to help you discern the word you need to embrace in the coming 12 months. It might be a word that shows up in life in the weeks leading to Yule.


This one is my family’s favorite winter tradition! Gather candles of all shapes and sizes, colors and scents, put them in containers, surround them with candy canes and branches from fir, pine, and cedar trees. Adorn your tables with fruits of the season and pine cones, cinnamon sticks. Then, for one hour, light all the candles and gather together with loved ones. You can play music, be in silence, or eat together during this time. But everyone should be in the space together, by candlelight. Some exchange gifts during Candle Hour if done close to midnight. I also like to make mulled wine and cider for candle hour. The recipe I follow is to place 1 gallon of wine, apple cider, or apple juice in a dutch oven, simmer with orange peel, cloves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom seed pods, and star anise on low for 30 minutes (your house will smell like heaven by the way!). Then strain and serve in glass mugs with a cinnamon stick to stir.

SIMPLE RITUAL FOR NEW YEAR’S EVE (12/31): The Welcoming Toast

Before anyone goes to bed (and if you have littles like I do, that’s way before midnight), set out champagne glasses (in plastic for the wee ones) and fill with beverage of choice (champagne is of course traditional for adults). If you like, place a small piece of quartz in each glass to raise the vibration of this activity (and everyone can keep theirs after). Then, lead a toast to the new year. Have each person say one word for what they intend to bring into the new year. It can be a feeling, a desire, a wish. Once everyone has said their word, raises glasses and say, “To the four directions, elders, and Great Spirit, we send these intentions. May each of us find our way to these dreams and see them manifest in the world, for the highest good of all. So it is.” And cheers!

May your holidays be blessed, my friends. Thank you for your love, your support, your encouragement, and your presence this year. Here’s to all the magic we will work in the year to come, together. So it is.

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