How to reach your ideal weight – my top 10 weight loss truths for goddesses

Goddess Guide how to reach your ideal weight

How to reach your ideal weight – my top 10 weight loss truths for goddesses

Okay goddesses, it’s time to change your relationship to your body. For too long, we have worked with outmoded narratives about food that were largely written for us by men, who could never understand our bodies as well as we do, or by big companies with a vested interest in keeping you stuck in a cycle of buying and consuming prepackaged foods that actually have detrimental effects on your body and perpetuate fat storage. No more. We are writing a new chapter in the book about how we treat our bodies – how we love them, how we feed them, how we maintain their well being. What I’m going to tell you here isn’t rocket science and it isn’t a fly-by-night plan to help you lose 50 pounds in 4 weeks. That’s because I’m not here to tell you another story; I’m here to tell you the truth about your body and weight loss, and exactly what to do without investing much money or time so that you can reach your ideal weight. Not the weight society says you should weigh – the weight at which your body is comfortable and healthy, able to move freely without restriction. The weight you can actually maintain. What that weight is for you will be different than it is for me. So don’t judge yourself by me or anyone else. Your body is a unique magnificent creation designed specifically for the life and soul path you are living and following. Your body, your rules. My goal is to honor your body sovereignty while guiding you with some general and universal principles that are time-tested and proven to work. Some of what I share with you will piss you off because many of us want to believe it can all be simpler. But those simple stories are exactly the reason you are sitting here reading this: They were false. They didn’t work.

Also – remember that weight loss is a spiritual issue. You didn’t gain your weight because life was easy, you were happy, and you felt aligned with your soul path and destiny. Well, maybe you did but if so you are not like the rest of us who gained weight slowly, over years, because we didn’t make the connection between food and energy or see that as empaths when we hold all the stuff our clients give us – like it’s our own – and their energy gets stored as hard fat in our bodies. And by the way, if we can store energy as fat, you better believe we can store energy as disease. Before you ready my Top 10 truths for weight loss below, know this: You have to let that shit go. You can’t keep holding on to the stuff your kids, your family, your friends, your customers, your parents, your teachers, your clients throw at you. It’s not yours. And guess what? They sure aren’t holding your stuff for you! Only do you. Only hold your stuff. When you breathe in and exhale and really surrender any energies that don’t belong to you, the process of losing weight will be M U C H easier.

It’s a new day, girls.

Before you begin any diet or exercise plan, please consult a medical doctor to ensure that what you do is right for you. I do think, especially if you are ill or under the care and guidance of a medical professional, that you should declare your goals and work with them to understand how what I offer you here can work for you.

… so are you ready?

Here are my Top 10 truths (not tips) for achieving YOUR ideal goddess weight, in alignment with your health and well being. May they serve you well. Stay tuned for online content too to support you as you move through this journey and rediscover a relationship to food that will nourish and support you.

  1. Food is energy, and it must be treated (only) as such. It is not your friend or lover, and it cannot repair a broken heart. It is time to reorient yourself to food as fuel and eat only in a day what you know you can reliably burn off fully. That means if you are sedentary after 7 or 8 pm each day, you cannot eat after that time. If you’re active in the morning, your largest meal should be then. Stop skipping breakfast!
  2. When you consume a diet that is highly acidic, it is virtually impossible to lose weight. That means in order to lose weight, many of us have to balance the pH in our diet and move toward a more alkaline model. Prepackaged foods, soda, alcohol, caffeine, and meat are heavily acidic.
  3. So to lose weight, you have to stop counting calories and start looking at pH level. You’ll find lots of charts online that show you what foods are alkaline and which are acidic. Start thinking about what you like on the alkaline charts and stock up. Do your own research based on what you like to eat. Smoothies are a GREAT way to eat alkaline.
  4. A cheap, fast and easy way to alkalize your diet is by consuming ACV on a daily basis. ACV stands for Apple Cider Vinegar, and you need one with “the mother” inside. Shake well before consuming 1-2 teaspoons each morning and night diluted in 4-6 ounces of water. To supercharge this option you can add a sprinkle of paprika and a squeeze of lemon juice, two other alkalizing agents.
  5. Avocados are a miracle food, and you should try to eat one per day (2 for men). Avocados are full of beautiful healthy fats that restore youthfulness to your skin, balance your pH levels, support digestive and immune health, and heal damaged hair from the inside out!
  6. You have to move to lose weight; that’s not opinion – it’s fact. But HOW you move is up to you! Walk a little farther than usual, dance to 2 of your favorite songs a day (you know you like to shake it – even if only in private). I belly dance for fun and that’s my exercise. If you are immobile, consider exercising whatever part of your body you can, even if it’s just your arms or just your legs. Every bit of movement counts. Every single bit. It’s an old story that you have to run or work out every day for a long time to lose weight.
  7. Stop counting carbs. It’s not working. We are no less obese or unhealthy as a country since the carb counting rage began. Start counting acids. Start replacing acids with alkaline foods. Add ACV to your salad with balsamic and olive oil. Eat lean chicken and beef no more than 3-4 times a week. Eat a banana every day. Stop eating at the point in your day when you aren’t moving. And good news: A piece of bread isn’t going to hurt you. Not at all.
  8. Think logically about “food in, calories out” and eat accordingly. You know how much you move. If you are sedentary, you do not need to consume many calories each day. Again, calories are energy and fuel to move your body. If you eat a lot and don’t move, nothing I write here – no matter how funny and witty or true – will help you at all. You need to hear that!
  9. Remove caffeine and soda from your diet completely if possible. This is my come-to-Jesus situation. I love soda. And I love coffee. But I’m almost off them completely now. I can barely finish a full cup of coffee because it tastes SO acidic! Replace with tea (buy yourself a beautiful tea cup so it feels like a sacred ritual). Start drinking Kombucha today. It’s PACKED with antioxidants, probiotics, and other enzymes your body needs to break down stored fat. I LOVE Synergy blend. Their Cranberry Kombucha is a one-two punch that helps you lose weight AND protect your delicate urinary tract.
  10. Know that it took me ONE YEAR to get to my ideal weight following everything I have told you here. And I’m fucking thrilled it did! You know what that means? The 30 pounds I lose this year by alkalizing, moving my body, trimming evening calories, and removing caffeine are never coming back. I didn’t lose them in 3 weeks eating packaged crap; I lost them eating new foods I discovered that I love, drinking beverages that nourish every cell in my body, and reorienting myself to my body in a way that honors food as fuel. It’s funny. Someone asked me if I “had work done” because I looked so good. I can assure you – I didn’t. And that is the BEST part.

Goddess, it’s time. Start today. In a year, send me your before and after so I can celebrate you! Cheers to your best health and ideal weight, Athena


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  1. Great advice, but I have to be honest—why “weight” everything? Why not being your healthiest self no matter your weight? Some people have disabilities which mean they can’t move in certain ways. Some have illnesses or take medications that cause weight gain. I’m all for everyone treating their body well, but why can’t we just leave it as HEALTH and not WEIGHT? I truly love SG, I just wanted to share in case anyone else was triggered by this (eating disorder survivors, etc,). In case someone asks, yes, I’m overweight, and I am working on changing my diet and exercise. BUT I’m doing it to lower my blood pressure and cholesterol, not for a number on a scale. If getting healthy doesn’t make me lose a single pound, I will still be happy.

  2. Thank you so much for your weight loss truths. EXACTLY what I needed to hear right now!

  3. I LOVE this! Printing out that list of truths to put on my fridge and on my bathroom mirror! Thank you 🙂

  4. Hello Athena. Love this article. Can you please tell me the kombucka product that you use? Is it a tea or a drink? Thank you.

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