How to Create a High-Vibe Home for the Holidays

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How to Create a High-Vibe Home for the Holidays

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It’s almost that time of year, when we welcome friends and family into our homes for meals, celebrations, and sacred traditions that are dear to our hearts. While I personally love to host and take part in these seasonal festivities, I also know how stressful it can be; opening up our homes requires us to open our hearts and energetic spaces as well. You must prepare for the influx of energy coming through your door, not to mention the tremendous task of preparing feasts and finding special gifts for your loved ones. Self-care tends to fall away at this time of year, when you actually need it the most. For those of you who are planning to do it all this holiday season, I’d like to offer five tips to create a home filled with high vibrations – to make your space a spirited, positive, light-filled abode where your friends and families can gather to experience the joy the holidays bring and where YOU will feel energized, supported, and aligned.

  1. Create a crystal grid for gratitude, purification, and grounding

To start the flow of high vibrations in your home, I begin with a gridding ritual (learn how to grid with my YouTube tutorial). Crystal gridding is especially powerful for grounding your home during the holidays (yes, spaces need grounding too!). For this intention, I place a smoky quartz generator in the center, and then grid around it with black tourmaline, shungite, Herkimer diamonds, and clear quartz. Let your intuition guide you for selecting other stones, I also enjoy selenite, pink danburite, elestial quartz, petalite, and silver topaz for raising my home’s vibration. In meditation, focus on filling your heart with gratitude for the abundance you already possess, the spirit of togetherness, and receiving the essence of whichever holiday you choose to celebrate. Call in white light and positive spirits to watch over your space and hold it in pure, loving energy.

  1. Take time to clean house

To create high vibes, I literally clean and clear my house. Energy gets stuck in clutter, so to prepare for the influx of guests and energy your home will be receiving this season, take stock of what’s piling up around your space and creating unnecessary blocks. Make space by letting go of that which no longer serves you. Donate your unwanted clothes, shoes, and household items to charity. By doing so, you embody the spirit of the holidays with your offerings. After you’ve cleared space, wipe down all floors, countertops, and shelves. Purifying your space – both literally and spiritually – helps raise your vibration, and your guests will feel it too. After you’ve cleaned and cleared, smudge every room liberally with white sage, calling upon the spirit of the smudge to rid your space of any negative or heavy energies. Aromatherapy is a critical part of creating high vibrations. You can diffuse with beautiful oils and perfumes once the space is clear. 

  1. Create Sacred Space with Crystals

The first crystal I recommend for raising your home’s vibration is smoky quartz. I believe one should always be kept by your front door, but it’s especially beneficial during the holidays. Doors are a portal for energy, so as you start to welcome people into your home let smoky quartz filters out unwanted energies from the outside. This will keep your home safe, sealed, and blessed. Secondly, place rose quartz in all 4 corners of gathering rooms to invite and maintain loving energy. For special meals, use yellow jasper in your table settings or centerpieces to inspire joy and happy memories. Get creative with the decor! I like to keep a generator in the center of my table, and use chip stones around it to make festive patterns. Guests can play with the stones as well before or after the meal.

  1. Create your own cooking rituals

The holiday season isn’t complete without preparing your favorite foods, which is in itself a sacred rite and ritual. Cooking connects us to the divine feminine and our ancestors who embraced the entire cycle of meal preparation, from hunting and gathering to preparation and serving. Everyone holds memories of their family’s holiday meals, so forming your own sacred traditions fills your space with your unique blend of aroma and energy. I find cooking to be incredibly therapeutic and healing around the holidays, and food made with love is both healing and restorative. I love to involve my kids in my cooking rituals as well. They have so much fun with it, and it teaches them safe and healthy kitchen practices – skills that truly are priceless. Remembering point #2 above, try to keep your kitchen clean and organized to avoid unnecessary stress. Clear your countertops as you go, which will make you feel less stressed as you cook and meditate into the food preparation process. Bless each ingredient as you place it into the pots and pans, which will bring you into a mindful state of being.

  1. Always remember the law of attraction

The final thought I want to leave you with is a call to be as much of a beacon of positivity as you possibly can, radiating outward the high vibrations you wish to fill your home. We really do receive what we put out into the world. Even with the pressures that come with sharing your space, rejoice in knowing you are nurturing the lives of those who love you. By opening up your space to receive guests, you enrich the walls, floors and energy of your home with the benevolent, compassion that these beloved holidays represent, and that energy lingers. Express gratitude for your home. Thank it for holding you, for protecting you and for being a container for these memories. It is your sacred space to host the ones you care about. In turn, you will be appreciated too. Remember the true spirit of the holidays is about bonding with your loved ones. Release the pressure by reminding yourself you are only human; mistakes are inevitable, but you are a true shining light in this universe, whose thoughtfulness impacts the lives of those around you. In this light, keep a candle burning in your home to radiate these intentions for positivity and love to last through the holidays and beyond.

Blessings of warmth, peace, and high vibrations this holiday season,

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