Goddess Guide: 5 Ways to Stay in the Flow of Abundance

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Goddess Guide: 5 Ways to Stay in the Flow of Abundance

The great Wheel of Time is turning and we’re about to enter the month of May! In the metaphysical world, May is a time of great abundance. It’s the fifth month of the year, and in numerology, the number 5 signifies expansion, growth, and success. In fact, 5/5 is one of the most powerful dates for manifesting prosperity! On this day, our intentions are strengthened and our dreams are kick-started into reality – and this energy is powerful enough to carry us for weeks to come. In this blog, I’ll help you harness the magic of May and show you 5 ways to stay in the flow of abundance.

When manifesting money, it’s important to think energetically. I believe that everything is energy, including our resources. And all forms of energy follow the Law of Attraction – the idea that the energy you send into the world is what you’ll receive. So what kind of energy are you emitting? Are you radiating frequencies of abundance, love, and joy? Or have you been approaching life from a place of negativity and lack? Staying in the flow of abundance means using the wealth you already have to create more, and this requires keeping your mind, body, and spirit attuned to the energies of empowerment and success. If you’re ready to live a life of greater abundance, here’s 5 ways to get started:

5 Ways to Stay in the Flow of Abundance

1) Harness the magic of gratitude

Gratitude is one of the most powerful forms of attraction magic. When you express appreciation for what you already have, you open channels for even more to flow into your life. Think about it this way: If you cook a meal for someone and they react to it with apathy or entitlement, will you feel inclined to cook for them again? The universe gives more to those who delight in its gifts with pleasure and appreciation. Every day, take time to reflect on everything you’re grateful for – the big and small things alike.

2) Incorporate affirmations into your daily practice

Have you ever fallen into a web of negative thinking and had it affect your entire day, week, or even year? Your thoughts shape your reality, and that’s why it’s so important to maintain a positive mindset. One great way to offset negative thinking is to use affirmations. Come up with five affirmations that deeply resonate with you – they can be as simple as “I am abundant.” or “I am courageous.” Whenever you find yourself slipping into negative thought patterns, recite these mantras. Slowly, you’ll start rewiring your thoughts to function in ways that support and energize you.

3) Build a Venus altar

In astrology, Venus is not only the planet of beauty and relationships. It’s also the planet of money! While Mars dictates how we give energy, Venus governs how we receive it. And when it comes to attracting abundance, your ability to receive is more important than anything else! Create an altar with Venus-inspired gems, flowers, and perfumes. When it comes to crystals, rose quartz and rhodochrosite are extraordinary ones to work with. And what Venus altar would be complete without roses, lavender, and my Aphrodite Perfume? Get creative and have fun with it! It’s your altar, and the possibilities are endless.

4) Learn to let go

Here at Sage Goddess, we talk often about accumulation work – the act of manifesting what you desire. But the process of release is just as important to living an abundant life. Whether you’re clinging onto a physical object that you no longer need, a stagnant relationship, or a set of self-limiting beliefs, holding onto anything too tightly restricts the flow of energy and closes you off from receiving the things that do serve you. When attracting more abundance into your life, practice the art of letting go. By releasing low energies, you’ll create physical and energetic space and invite more love, prosperity, and light to flow toward you.

5) Be generous

Do you have faith that what you give will come back to you? Living abundantly means sharing with others and trusting that when you’re generous with the world around you, the universe will be generous with you. Try incorporating the spirit of generosity into your life in small ways – it could be as simple as making monthly donations to your favorite charity or sifting through your closet from time to time to donate things that you don’t need. Practicing generosity will help you leave behind thoughts of scarcity and remember that you do have enough, for yourself and beyond.

My Favorites for May 🌺

Chakra: Heart and Sacral. Your Heart Chakra is your center of love, compassion, and generosity, while your Sacral Chakra governs pleasure, passion, and creation. Focus on these two chakras to deepen your ability to receive, create, and share abundance.

Tarot: The Empress. The Empress corresponds with Venus and is a symbol of the Earth Goddess who is pregnant with life. She knows how to give and receive love and nurturing in a healthy balance. The Empress creates beauty and abundance wherever she goes.

Spirit Animal: Buffalo. Buffalo is a symbol of abundance and as an earthbound spirit, teaches us to respect the Earth and its resources. This majestic creature reminds you to be generous and honor every aspect of your existence with gratitude.

– Gems: Rose quartz, rhodochrosite, emerald, jade

– Oils: Patchouli, myrrh, frankincense, spikenard

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