Goddess Guide: 4 Ways to Spark Desire

Goddess Guide

Goddess Guide: 4 Ways to Spark Desire

When did it become a crime to want things, to hold desire in your heart? When did you begin to put the needs of others before your own? And have you, like many others, let this go on for so long that you don’t even know what you want anymore? The feeling of desire is healthy. It keeps us motivated toward our goals and gives us passion for life. It’s downright sexy, too! There is no shame in desire, it’s pure and animalistic. In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s summer, the season of the fire element. Fire isn’t here to put other people first. No, July is all about you. So sit up tall, draw your shoulders back, breathe in your fiery power, and read on for four ways to ignite your spark of desire.

4 Ways to Spark Desire

1) Bring out your sexy

That’s right, you couldn’t possibly think I was leaving this out. You know me better than that. As a mother of two children, I know what it feels like to experience a disconnect from your body. There have been times when I didn’t even recognize what I was looking at in the mirror. Now I have learned to appreciate my body in this stage of life. Just like our spirit is constantly growing and changing, so are our physical bodies. Start to love the stretch marks and wrinkles – this body has carried you far and it deserves your love.

Now that you’re looking at your gorgeous self, let’s define sexy for you. Sexy comes from the inside and you get to choose how to bring it out. Slip on that silk robe when you step out of the shower, ask your partner to help you put on lotion where you can’t reach, find a belly dancing video on YouTube and have some fun. I promise, once you feel that love and confidence toward yourself it will be so easy to name what you want, and even command those desires from your partner 😉

2) Do what you’ve been wanting to do

We all have something we’ve been putting off for many reasons. Maybe it’s fear, finances, or just the inner voice saying “That will never happen.” It’s okay, as natural caregivers it takes a lot of willpower as women to say “I’m doing something just for me.” This month, start with something small. Set an intention to do something that excites you once a week. Treat yourself to lunch, get your nails done, or just take a nap! Simply asking yourself, “Is this what I want?” will make a huge impact on your habits. Once you get familiar with slowing down and making better choices for yourself, it will only be a matter of time before that girls’ trip you’ve been putting off for years is a no-brainer!

3) Take a risk

You know what they say, no risk no reward. I’ve found that most of the things I’ve been afraid to go after are readily waiting for me. What if I had been too afraid to write my first blog, too afraid to sell my first smudge bundle? Would I be happy with where my life went instead? Are you having the same thoughts of what else could be? Consider this your pep talk. You are here for a reason. You have the power to go after what you want and you deserve it. Usually, the person holding us back is ourselves, so in the name of fire, light a match under your butt and get going! 

And one more thing, ask for what you want and be vocal! Ask for that promotion or that raise. On a sexier note, if there’s something risqué you’ve been wanting to try, I bet your partner has been dying for you to ask.

4) Indulge your pleasure

“Indulge” tends to have a negative connotation, but let’s not confuse this with overindulgence. When I say indulge your pleasure, I mean allow yourself to let go and embrace the moment. If you’re eating a piece of chocolate because you wanted it, then close your eyes and savor each bite as it melts on your tongue. You don’t need excuses to enjoy yourself just as you don’t need to validate every decision you make. If going on a run every morning makes you happy (first of all, congratulations) indulge in that and honor that time commitment just for you. I like to tuck my kids into bed every night and it’s something I don’t even let work get in the way of. Whether it’s your dessert after dinner, your favorite TV show, or your date nights with your partner, make time to indulge in the things that truly make you happy.

Your Monthly Cosmic Forecast🌛🌝🌜

It’s a Leo party! The month began and ends with Leo transits. Have you figured out what this means for you? Leo brings you back to #1. What’s your biggest wish? I don’t mean the wish you think you should make or the one that seems good because it benefits others. I mean the one that YOU desire most. Here’s some of the cosmic activity you can look forward to in July:

July 1: Mars enters Leo. Life’s a love affair with Mars in Leo. Been a while since you felt real passion? Dress up, dance, or light some sexytime candles. Whatever it takes to turn up the heat!

July 2: New Moon Total Solar Eclipse in Cancer. New Moons = new opportunities; add a Total Solar Eclipse and the possibilities increase. Are you ready to discover what you really need in this life and welcome it from the universe?

July 3: Venus enters Cancer. The Goddess awakens! When Venus enters Cancer, the feminine’s in her element. Cancer can be slow to warm up, but when she’s feeling safe and comfortable, she’s a sexy, responsive lover. 

July 7: Mercury Retrograde in Leo (until July 31). We talk about mindfulness all the time, which makes us feel mindful 😉 It’s easy to be zen-like in the meditation room or yoga studio, but everyday life is the real test. Mercury Retrograde lets us know if we can roll with the punches. 

July 16: Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn. You are born of greatness. Celebrate your success, even if you aren’t where you want to be just yet. And if your old goals no longer fit, give them up to make room for something new. 

July 22: Sun enters Leo. Of all the fire signs, Leo burns with the most endurance. Leos are generators of energy, just like the Sun. If you need a boost of vitality or creative inspiration, this is your season.

July 27: Venus enters Leo. The Goddess of Love demands to be seen! Showing up with all you’ve got feels so good, and Leo is that feeling. It’s being turned all the way ON. During these weeks, don’t overthink it, just be yourself.

July 31: New Moon in Leo. Don’t sit it out when you want to dance. Pride can get in the way of having fun and discovering what you’re really made of. Under this lunation, give yourself permission to do the things that inspire you. Nevermind if you know how to or will even be good at them. The more we all let ourselves off the hook of potential embarrassment, the healthier and happier we’ll be.

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My Favorites for July

Chakra: Sacral. The Sacral Chakra is your center of creative potential, pleasure, passion, and inspiration. It’s the natural energy of your sexy and sensual self. Everything you birth or bring into life comes through the Sacral Chakra. Orange is the color associated with the Sacral Chakra. 

Tarot: The Empress. The Empress is Venus, the earth goddess of love and beauty. She enjoys her body and lives a life of abundance. The Empress is the power of nature that creates all life. When this card shows up for you, it’s calling out your loving, nurturing, and supportive side, as well as your ability to receive love, nurturing, and support in return. The Empress stands for all the Great Mother Goddesses, reminding you of your own ability to give birth in all forms. Work with The Empress to resolve mother issues and set yourself free to follow your heart and passions.   

Spirit Animal: Lioness. While the king of the jungle snoozes on his rock, the lionesses of the pride hunt because they’re so much better at it. They know how to go after the object of their desire and they do it with finesse. Lionesses are the defenders, the creators, and the heart and soul of their pride. Because females do most of the work, lions symbolize the rising of feminine energies; intuition, creativity, and imagination. 

Gems: Orange calcite, carnelian, goldstone, Shiva lingam, tangerine quartz

Oils: Cinnamon cassia, ginger, blood orange, fennel, honeysuckle, clary sage

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